Annual wedding photography contest

Wedding Award


The winner of the "Photographer of the year" nomination will take

Nikon Z8

Nikon Z8

6000 USD

The winners of the single-shot nominations will get $300 each


10 finalists in each nomination will get MyWed Pro+ status for the next 12 months

Contest stages

  • Entry submission


    10 September — 15 October
    15 October
  • Short list

    15 October — 15 November
  • Judging

    15 — 30 November
  • Announcement of the winners


    15 December

Photographer of the year

The nomination requires a series of photos taken at one wedding.

Photographer of the year

held annually

12 main nominations

Winner Alexander Ziegler
Getting ready

Special moments of the wedding day preparations

10 finalists
Winner Paulo Pinto

The wedding day details secretly "peeped" by a photographer

10 finalists
Winner Alberto Cosenza
Wedding guests

The newlyweds' friends, siblings, parents and close people

10 finalists
Winner Ufuk Sarışen

Groom's reaction to the bride walking down the aisle and other special moments from the wedding ceremony

10 finalists
Winner Manuel Aldana

You won't have a second chance to shoot something like that

10 finalists
Winner Stefano Roscetti
Bridal Portrait

50 Shades of White

10 finalists
Winner Julien Laurent-Georges
Heroes of the day

A portrait of both the bride and the groom

10 finalists
Winner Luca Fumero
Group portrait

Photos of all wedding guests together

10 finalists
Winner Yamil Calderon
Wedding party

Highlights of the wedding party in a restaurant, everything that happens there

10 finalists
Winner Andrey Radaev
First dance

The centrepiece of the reception, with the newlyweds dancing for the first time with all eyes on them

10 finalists
Winner Christian Puello
The bouquet toss

Catching the bouquet will bring good luck in love

10 finalists
Winner Antonio Palermo
Cake cutting

The first task that the newlyweds have to carry out together

10 finalists

change every year

8 additional nominations

Winner Artem Vindrievskiy
Final frame

This is the end. A stunning shot before closing credits

10 finalists
Winner Vahid Narooee
From A to B

Planes, Trains, Ships, Automobiles...

10 finalists
Winner Fábio Santos

A photo that looks like a paused movie

10 finalists
Winner Antimo Altavilla
Discovering the veil

Storytale about the veil

10 finalists
Winner Loic Bourniquel
Imperfect beauty

When imperfection gets value

10 finalists
Winner Keko Rangel
Nice guys

The wedding comes first. After friends of course

9 finalists
Winner Miguel Ponte

From foreground to background

10 finalists
Winner Francesco Smarrazzo

When colors, poses, gestures, and objects unexpectedly coincide...

10 finalists
Fantastic judges
Giandomenico Cosentino

Giandomenico Cosentino


Giandomenico Cosentino is a photographer of Italian origins with over 15 years of experience in the wedding photography industry. In 2019 and 2021, he clinched the title of the best photographer in Italy, a testament to his dedication and skills. In 2021, Giandomenico achieved new significant milestones, placing himself in the Top 10 of renowned international associations such as Fearless and ISPWP. These accomplishments underscore his ongoing pursuit of artistic excellence and technical innovation. The following year, in 2022, he secured the Photographer of the Year title at the MyWed Wedding Award, further solidifying his reputation as an excellent photographer. Beyond awards and recognition, Giandomenico's artistry lies in his ability to capture genuine emotions and meaningful moments through his lens. Each photograph tells a story, a frozen fragment of life's beauty.

Egor Zhelov

Egor Zhelov


Egor is Top 10 wedding photographers in Russia and the most rugged photographer in Moscow. He prefers combining fancy reportage with a hint of madness, and hates boring weddings. Winner of the MyWed Award 2017 in the Heroes of the Day nomination. MyWed Award finalist in 2022, 2021, 2019, 2018. Egor also reached Top 150 best wedding photographers in the World by SLR Lounge 2016 and Top Fearless Photographers 2015.

Daniele Torella

Daniele Torella


His cinematic yet emotional and spontaneous style has led him to photograph weddings around the world. Winner of several national and international awards, in 2022 he made the Top 10 of Fearless Photographers. His photographs are characterized by warm tones, always impeccable composition and creative use of natural light. For two years now, Daniele Torella has long been at the absolute top of MyWed's overall ranking ahead of more than 45,000 wedding photographers.

Tana Gon

Tana Gon


Tana is a wedding photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand. According to MyWed, he’s now ranked in Top 100 wedding photographers in the world and the best in Bangkok. In 2022, he received a wedding award from MyWed in the Transparency nomination. Partnering with Canon Thailand, he has previously hosted multiple workshops in different cities across the country. The events were to share his experiences as a wedding photographer and also to inspire others. Tana’s photography approach consists of combining documentary and aesthetics, as well as street style.

Dan Morris

Dan Morris


Dan Morris is a Cheltenham-based wedding photographer hailing from the UK. With a wanderlust for travel, he’s embarked on photographic journeys spanning across the UK and beyond, capturing the essence of love and celebration. His lens has witnessed over 350 beautiful ceremonies, encompassing both local and exotic destinations across 17 countries and 5 continents. A true devotee of the art, Dan thrives as a creative documentary photographer, seamlessly weaving candid moments with relaxed portraits. His affinity for street photography infuses a unique energy into the wedding captures, allowing him to embrace the raw, unfiltered emotions that unfold. He aims to be the unseen observer, unobtrusively immersing himself in the heart of the occasion, crafting a visual narrative that flows effortlessly.

Valter Antunes

Valter Antunes


He has been in the Top 10 Fearless Photographers for the past 3 years, was Photographer of the year in 2021 for This is Reportage and also won the Wedding Golden Camera for the FEP Photographer of the Year in 2020. These rewards make Valter one of the most titled photographers in the industry. His style is mainly documentary combined with creativity which often results in unusual real moments with a funny side to it.

Manish Patel

Manish Patel


Meet Manish Patel, a talented photographer with a passion for capturing breathtaking moments. His artistic eye and keen attention to details make his photographs truly captivating, bringing life to every frame. He believes in hard-work, and delighted to have a wonderful experience of wedding photography from the last 24 years. MyWed Top 3 Best Wedding Photographers in India. Fearless Photographers Top 50 in India, Top 50 Worldwide in 2020, and 12-time contest Winner. Weddingsutra Photographer in 2021, award-winner in Wedding Ceremony and runner in 2020, and got bronze in Bridal Portrait nomination in Admired in Africa 2017. He has a team that is passionate about photography, designs and editing work, too. He has captured 1000+ weddings all over the world. His work never fails to leave a lasting impression on those who view it.

Sergey Korolev

Sergey Korolev


CEO and Founder of MyWed

Jorge Romero

Jorge Romero


Jorge Romero is a Mexican photographer born in Guadalajara. He has had the opportunity to photograph more than 650 weddings and has given over 50 workshops. He has also shared his knowledge at more than 15 congresses around the world. Throughout his career, he has photographed more than 5 million pictures. In 2018, he was ranked Top 10 at ISPWP. He was also #1 MyWed Wedding Photographer for over a year and has received more than 600 Editor's Choice flags. Over the past 3 years, he has consistently been in the Top 25 at Fearless Photographers, one of the most important wedding photography websites in the world. He even reached #5 spot in 2021. He has served as a judge at different associations. His photos are based on capturing the moment at the right time while also considering composition and creativity. He would define himself as an architectural and landscape photographer who incorporates couples into photos.


Who can participate?

Any professional photographer of legal age.

Sizes and formats

Everyone enjoys looking at the beautiful shots in high quality. Please upload photos with resolution of at least 2400 pixels on the longer side or bigger.
The file must contain the EXIF data so that we can check the shooting date.

Authorship of photographs

It is considered that the author of a photo is the person who held the camera and pressed the shutter button.
By sending a photo to the MyWed Award contest, you confirm that you are its author.
It is permissible to use up to 10 photos from assistants in the "Photographer of the Year" nomination (series of photos).
You also guarantee that there are no third party objections against the participation of your photos in the contest.

How to take part?

You need to be a MyWed member to take part.
Sign Up on MyWed, upload 20 photos to your portfolio and wait for the approval from our editors.
After being approved, you will be able to send your photos to the contest.
Already a member? Simply choose photos for the contest from your portfolio.

Number of series and photos

You can submit one photo for each single-shot nomination and one series of photos for the "Photographer of the year" nomination. The series must consist of 40 to 60 photos.

Participation fee

45 USD for all nominations. Free for MyWed Pro members.


The winner of the "Photographer of the year" nomination will get camera with lens.
The single-shot nominations have a total prize fund of 6000 (winners in each of 20 nominations will receive $300).
A winner is exclusively responsible to pay taxes on prize winning if any is required by the law of their country.

Have a question? Need our help?

Contact us here or email us at

What photos can be submitted?

Only photos taken in 2022 – 2023 are accepted.
Please note that the series of photos submitted to the "Photographer of the year" nomination must consist of photos taken at the same wedding.

What photos are forbidden?

Do not submit photos with frames, huge watermarks or logos.
Avoid pictures with diptychs, triptychs, multiple exposure, excessive post-production, design elements, etc.
Photos from workshops are not allowed.