Annual wedding photography contest

Wedding Award


The winner of the "Photographer of the year" nomination will take

Nikon Z7 II camera

complete with a Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4 S lens

Nikon Z7 II camera

6000 USD

The winners of the single-shot nominations will get $300 each


10 finalists in each nomination will get MyWed Pro+ status for the next 12 months

Contest stages

  • Entry submission


    1 February — 15 October
    15 October
  • Short list

    16 October — 15 November
  • Judging

    16 — 30 November
  • Announcement of the winners


    10 December

Photographer of the year

The nomination requires a series of photos taken at one wedding.

Participate Photographer of the year

held annually

12 main nominations

Winner: $300
Finalists: 10 х MyWed Pro+

Getting ready

Special moments of the wedding day preparations

727 participants

Winner: $300
Finalists: 10 х MyWed Pro+


The wedding day details secretly "peeped" by a photographer

631 participants

Winner: $300
Finalists: 10 х MyWed Pro+

Wedding guests

The newlyweds' friends, siblings, parents and close people

568 participants

Winner: $300
Finalists: 10 х MyWed Pro+


Groom's reaction to the bride walking down the aisle and other special moments from the wedding ceremony

539 participants

Winner: $300
Finalists: 10 х MyWed Pro+


You won't have a second chance to shoot something like that

831 participants

Winner: $300
Finalists: 10 х MyWed Pro+

Bridal Portrait

50 Shades of White

849 participants

Winner: $300
Finalists: 10 х MyWed Pro+

Heroes of the day

A portrait of both the bride and the groom

949 participants

Winner: $300
Finalists: 10 х MyWed Pro+

Group portrait

Photos of all wedding guests together

273 participants

Winner: $300
Finalists: 10 х MyWed Pro+

Wedding party

Highlights of the wedding party in a restaurant, everything that happens there

413 participants

Winner: $300
Finalists: 10 х MyWed Pro+

First dance

The centrepiece of the reception, with the newlyweds dancing for the first time with all eyes on them

370 participants

Winner: $300
Finalists: 10 х MyWed Pro+

The bouquet toss

Catching the bouquet will bring good luck in love

222 participants

Winner: $300
Finalists: 10 х MyWed Pro+

Cake cutting

The first task that the newlyweds have to carry out together

219 participants

change every year

8 additional nominations

Best Supporting Role

Oscarworthy minor characters

369 participants
Hands & Arms

Sometimes, they mean more than words

572 participants

The final chord of the wedding day

194 participants

Photos with visual or semantic rhymes

577 participants

When the photographer's camera looks through

356 participants
Paws, Wings & Tails...

Unusual wedding guests

303 participants

Since you cry, let it be tears of happiness!

308 participants

Bad weather helps good photographers

451 participants
Fantastic judges
Xiang Qi

Xiang Qi


A wedding photographer from China with 12 years of shooting experience. Creativity and documentary are his forte. Top-10 Wedding Photographers in the world by ISPWP in 2020–2021, Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the world by Fearless in 2016–2021, and 5-time finalist in the "Photographer of the Year" nomination of the MyWed Wedding Award. He has also been a jury member of several international photography competitions.

Jesse La Plante

Jesse La Plante


Jesse La Plante is a Colorado-based photographer who has been shooting weddings since 2008. In 2021, he was named The XP Top 10, Fearless Top 50, WPJA Top 50 and ISPWP Top 100. When not photographing weddings, he can be found skiing, eating copious amounts of tacos and/or working on his beer belly at one of Colorado's many outstanding craft breweries.

Albert Pamies

Albert Pamies


Albert is a Spanish photographer who shoots weddings all over the world and has been awarded in the last 10 years by the best international associations of wedding photographers such as Fearless and Inspiration Photographers among others. In 2019, he was ranked first in the world on MyWed thanks to a very careful aesthetic in his photography where light and composition not only add beauty but also contribute to a greater emotional impact.

Daniele Vertelli

Daniele Vertelli


Daniele Vertelli has become the Photographer of the Year 2020 on MyWed, 2 times winner in AG|WPJA, grand award winner of the WPPI Album Division in 2017. He is titled the Best Italian Photographer 4 times and included in the Top10 ISPWP and Top10 Fearless Photographers. Daniele loves reality, unbuilt scenes and the light post productions, the soft and natural colors, but above all – the emotions.

Miguel Ponte

Miguel Ponte


Miguel Ponte is recognized by many as one of the best Portuguese wedding photographers of the past few years. Winner of the MyWed Wedding Award 2018 in "The Unexpected Twist" category, and several times finalist in 2020. A panel of 30 judges of the Federation of European Photographers titled him as European Wedding Photographer of the Year in 2021. The same year, he was ranked 15th in the ISPWP Top 100, 6th in the Top 100 XP Photographers, and 5th in the Top 100 ProWed, which makes him one of the most consistent and well-rounded wedding photographers in the world.

Emil Boczek

Emil Boczek


Emil is an award winning documentary wedding photographer, currently living in the UK with his wife and three children (and a cat). Recognized in various photography associations: Top 25 WPJA, Top 100 Fearless Photographers and This is Reportage, SLR Lounge UK Top 100 list. Nikon shooter since 1988. Likes a glass of good Scotch while editing weddings.

Denise Motz

Denise Motz


Denise has a great passion for photojournalistic photography, in which emotions, art and humor play an important role. She is more than happy when she can travel, seek for adventure and document beautiful characters and their stories. Photographer of the Year 2020 FdB, Top 10 Masters of wedding photography BeNeLux 2021, finalist in 3 single-shot nominations and in the ‘Photographer of the Year' nomination of the MyWed Wedding Award 2020. Denise is an international speaker and uplifting mentor based in the Netherlands & Italy.

Elena Flexas

Elena Flexas


A wedding photojournalist based in Mexico and interested to tell a real and natural story instead "sure shots". Finalist of the MyWed Wedding Award 2020 & 2021. Fearless awarded. Top 100 ISPWP 2020 & 2021. Top 100 This is Reportage 2020. Top 20 Inspiration Photographers and nominated to the Golden Lens Awards "Revelation of the Year 2021".

Kemran Shiraliev

Kemran Shiraliev


For 12 years of experience in photography, Kemran has shot more than 700 weddings. Original approach and an unconventional vision in photography helped him to win at various internet resources and contests for wedding photographers at certain periods of time. So, in 2016 and 2021, he became the Best Wedding Photographer by ISPWP, Top 10 Fearless Photographers in 2018 and 2021, Photographer of the Year 2021 by XP Photographers. Kemran has become finalist in the Wedding Award Russia, finalist and winner in several nominations of the MyWed Wedding Award. It is participation in the competitions that gives him the maximum motivation and even a sense of making sport of it. Currently, Kemran extensively shoots and teaches photography.

Sergey Korolev

Sergey Korolev

CEO and Founder of MyWed


Who can participate?

Any professional photographer of legal age.

Sizes and formats

Everyone enjoys looking at the beautiful shots in high quality. Please upload photos with resolution of at least 2400 pixels on the longer side or bigger.
The file must contain the EXIF data so that we can check the shooting date.

Authorship of photographs

It is considered that the author of a photo is the person who held the camera and pressed the shutter button.
By sending a photo to the MyWed Award contest, you confirm that you are its author.
It is permissible to use up to 10 photos from assistants in the "Photographer of the Year" nomination (series of photos).
You also guarantee that there are no third party objections against the participation of your photos in the contest.

How to take part?

You need to be a MyWed member to take part.
Sign Up on MyWed, upload 20 photos to your portfolio and wait for the approval from our editors.
After being approved, you will be able to send your photos to the contest.
Already a member? Simply choose photos for the contest from your portfolio.

Number of series and photos

You can submit one photo for each single-shot nomination and one series of photos for the "Photographer of the year" nomination. The series must consist of 40 to 60 photos.

Participation fee

45 USD for all nominations. Free for MyWed Pro members.


The winner of the "Photographer of the year" nomination will get the Nikon Z7 II camera with Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4 S lens provided by our sponsor, the Nikon company.
The single-shot nominations have a total prize fund of 6000 (winners in each of 20 nominations will receive $300).
A winner is exclusively responsible to pay taxes on prize winning if any is required by the law of their country.

Have a question? Need our help?

Contact us here or email us at

What photos can be submitted?

Only photos taken in 2020 – 2022 are accepted.
Please note that the series of photos submitted to the "Photographer of the year" nomination must consist of photos taken at the same wedding.

What photos are forbidden?

Do not submit photos with frames, huge watermarks or logos.
Avoid pictures with diptychs, triptychs, multiple exposure, excessive post-production, design elements, etc.
Photos from workshops are not allowed.