Annual Wedding Photographers Contest

MyWed Award 2017

  • Entry submission
    1 October — 2 November
  • Short list
    3 — 17 November
  • Judging
    18 — 30 November
  • Announcement of the winners
    20 December

Photographer of the year

The nomination requires a series of photos taken
at one wedding.

The winner will receive Nikon D5

Ken Pak
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And 20 nominations with total prize fund


The winners of one shot nominations
will receive $300.

Nikon D5

held annually

12 main nominations

change every year

8 additional nominations

Fantastic judges

Ross Harvey
Ross Harvey

Ross is one of the most prolific wedding photographers: Harper's Bazaar Official Recommended Wedding Photographer, Best Wedding Photographers in the World (Junebug), Best Wedding Photographer in England '13, '14, '15 & '16, #1 UK Fearless Awards Winner '13, '14, '15 & '16.

Artem Vindrievsky
Artem Vindrievsky

MyWed Photographer of the Year 2016, honoured Fearless and ISPWP member. Best Wedding Photographer 2015 in Russia (Wedding Magazine), Winner of the Wedisson Award.

Massimiliano Magliacca
Massimiliano Magliacca

Member of the most prestigious wedding photographers associations: WPJA, AGWPJA, WPS, ISPWP, Fearless. 3rd place in AGWPJA 2016, Top 20 WPS 2016, TOP 10 in two categories of MyWed 2016, TOP 15 spring in ISPWP 2017.

Victor Marti
Victor Marti

Magnificent Victor the Editors' Choice Conqueror. MyWed Top 10 in the World, winner of three nominations in the MyWed Award 2016. WPJA #2 in 2013, ISPWP #2 in 2013.

Brian & Allison Callaway
Brian & Allison Callaway

Brian and Allison are both Top Ten Fearless Photographers in the World with over 120 MyWed Editor's Choice Awards. With a full shooting schedule they still find time to teach and mentor fellow photographers.

Pete Farell
Pete Farell

Pete has achieved numerous accolades over the years which include multiple WPS Excellence, Fearless Photographers and ISPWP awards. He is currently ranked 2nd Fearless and 1st photographer on MyWed in the UK with 5th world ranked position with Wedding Photography Select.

Jorge Mercado
Jorge Mercado

Member and award winner of Fearless Photographers and ISPWP. Currently one of the top 20 best photographers in the world on MyWed.

Mauricio Arias
Mauricio Arias

MyWed Photographer of the Year 2014. He has also received the Best of the Best award three years in a row by Junebug Weddings and the Photographer of the Quarter by the ISPWP.

Donatella Barbera & Damiano Salvadori
Donatella Barbera & Damiano Salvadori

Thoughtful, dynamic, cheerful, stubborn and resourceful couple from Italy. Damiano & Donatella have received a lot of recognition in the last years, here are some of them: Top 10 Fearless photographers in 2016, Top 10 AGWPJA in 2016, Top 10 Master of Italian wedding photography in 2016, Top 10 ISPWP fall 2016, Top 20 WPS in 2016.


Who can participate?

Any professional photographer of legal age.

Sizes and formats

Everyone enjoys looking at the beautiful shots in high quality. Please upload photos with resolution of at least 2400 pixels on the longer side or bigger.
Original size photos are very welcome.

How to take part?

You need to be a MyWed member to take part.
Sign Up on MyWed, upload 20 photos to your portfolio and wait for the approval from our editors.
After being approved, you will be able to send your photos to the contest.
Already a member? Simply choose photos for the contest from your portfolio.

Number of series and photos

You can submit one photo for each single-shot nomination and one series of photos for the "Photographer of the year" nomination. The series must consist of 40 to 60 photos.

Participation fee

45 USD for all nominations. Free for MyWed Pro members.


Total prize fund: $6000 and Nikon D5 camera provided by our great sponsor – the Nikon company.
The winners of one shot nominations will receive $300.
The winner of the “Photographer of the year” nomination (the best series) will get the Nikon D5 camera.

What photos can be submitted?

Only wedding photos are accepted (excluding the Engagement nomination).
Note that a series must include photos taken at one wedding.
Submit your 2016 – 2017 photos.

Authorship of photographs

It is considered that the author of a photo is the person who held the camera and pressed the shutter button.
By sending a photo to the MyWed Award contest, you confirm that you are its author.
It is permissible to use up to 10 photos from assistants in the "Photographer of the Year" nomination (series of photos).
You also guarantee that there are no third party objections against the participation of your photos in the contest.

What photos are forbidden?

Do not submit photos with frames, huge watermarks or logos.
Avoid pictures with diptychs, triptychs, multiple exposure, excessive post-production, design elements, etc.
Photos from workshops are not allowed.

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