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  • Nope. You can have only one account.
  • Please use your real name. People who see your beautiful photos want to know who's made them.
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  • Do you enjoy checking out beautiful shots in high quality? So do we!
    Please upload photos with resolution of at least 1200 pixels on the long side.
    Happy owners of retina displays will be thankful for images of 2400 pixels or bigger.
  • A little bit. After joining MyWed you can upload up to 20 photos and up to 5 photo stories (series of photos).
    After this you will be able to upload up to 3 photos per week and 1 photo story per month. Use them wisely :)
  • Yes, we do. MyWed Editors can delete your profile or photos If they do not comply
    with MyWed Terms or your level of visual and technical skills is too low.
  • Obviously, pre-wedding, day-after, wedding and engagement photos only.
    Since it’s the wedding photographers community… right? :)
  • Nope. Collages, diptychs, triptychs as well as photomontage and digital effects are not allowed.
    Also we don’t like photos with excessive quantity of design elements or added in design objects,
    borders, texts, huge watermarks or logos. Pure photos are awesome – don’t you think?
  • Photos that show images of pornography or have visual content of offensive,
    slanderous or extremist nature are also not allowed.
  • Cheating is bad. Photos from forged events and workshops are not allowed, even if you were a speaker there.
  • We think that another photographer won’t be particularly happy about it.
    You can only upload photos that you took yourself. Also don’t forget about the rights of the people in your shots.
  • "The Best Photos" section contains photos with the highest rating uploaded during the last week.
    Rating of the photo depends on the number of points received from Likes.
    Points from Like depend on the rating of the photographer who gave this Like.
    The higher rating he has, the more points it gives to photos rating.
  • Your rating depends on the number of parameters. First – your score in the annual MyWed Award competitions.
    This score gradually decreases within 36 months after competition. Second – total rating of Top 100 of your best photos and Top 10 of your best stories.
    The older your photo is, the less effect it gives to your rating.
  • We hold the Wedding Photographers Contest every year. Judges rate photos that take part in the contest.
    And depending on the total jury score for your shots, your position will rise.
  • Any obvious or hidden calls to Like or take a look at the photo or profile will be considered as "rating cheat".
    These include such broadcast messages as "Hey, great shots! Just rated them!" and anything like this.
    Avoid such things and everything will be fine.
  • Yes, but as our team needs food and shelter it's a paid service – mywed.com/adverting/.
    If we notice illegal usage of MyWed messages for advertising we will have to cancel the senders profile.
  • MyWed is not an owner of uploaded photos. Photographers upload their photos willingly and retain all rights to them.
    If you want to use some of the photos uploaded to MyWed, please ask permission from their owner first.
    If you found out that your photos had been uploaded to MyWed illegally and you are the owner of all rights to those photos,
    please, contact us at help@mywed.com
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    You also guarantee that you are the author and owner of all the photos that you've submitted.
    Author of the photo is the person who held the camera and pressed the button.
    By posting the photos you confirm that no other third party has a grudge against them.
    You're responsible for all content you upload to the website.
    If you've read the rules till this text, you're a very responsible man! We respect responsible people.