Annual wedding photography contest

Wedding Award


The winner of the "Photographer of the year" nomination will take

Nikon Z7 II camera

complete with a Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S lens

Nikon Z7 II camera

3000 USD

The winners of the single-shot nominations will get $150 each


10 finalists in each nomination will get MyWed Pro+ status for the next 12 months

Contest stages

  • Entry submission


    9 August — 31 October
    31 October
  • Short list

    1 — 30 November
  • Judging

    1 — 10 December
  • Announcement of the winners


    20 December

Photographer of the year

The nomination requires a series of photos taken at one wedding.

Photographer of the year

held annually

12 main nominations

Winner Pasquale Minniti

Magical memories of the couple's love before the wedding

9 finalists
Winner Piero Angelo Serrecchia
Getting ready

Special moments of the wedding day preparations

10 finalists
Winner Kemran Shiraliev

The wedding day details secretly "peeped" by a photographer

10 finalists
Winner Manish Patel
Wedding guests

The newlyweds' friends, siblings, parents and close people

10 finalists
Winner Matteo Lomonte

Groom's reaction to the bride walking down the aisle and other special moments from the wedding ceremony

10 finalists
Winner Mateo Boffano

You won't have a second chance to shoot something like that

10 finalists
Winner Fedor Borodin
Group portrait

Photos of all wedding guests together

10 finalists
Winner Vasiliy Cerevitinov
Heroes of the day

A portrait of both the bride and the groom

9 finalists
Winner Pasquale Minniti
Wedding party

Highlights of the wedding party in a restaurant, everything that happens there

10 finalists
Winner Víctor Martí
First dance

The centrepiece of the reception, with the newlyweds dancing for the first time with all eyes on them

10 finalists
Winner Ken Pak
The bouquet toss

Catching the bouquet will bring good luck in love

10 finalists
Winner Fedor Borodin
Cake cutting

The first task that the newlyweds have to carry out together

10 finalists

change every year

8 additional nominations

Winner Kemran Shiraliev

Purely artistic images limited only by your imagination

10 finalists
Winner Alex Paul
Houston, we have a problem

Situations when things go wrong

10 finalists
Winner Andrey Nastasenko

The perfectionist mode on. Excellence in every aspect of the shot

10 finalists
Winner Sanne De Block
The in-between

Transient, seemingly insignificant moments that add a special flavour to the story

10 finalists
Winner Vasiliy Cerevitinov
Somewhere Epic

Locations in all corners of the world destined for adventure seekers

10 finalists
Winner József Márk Losonczi

The youngest, cutest and funniest guests of the wedding

9 finalists
Winner Steven Herrschaft
Let's have fun

A wedding is a great opportunity for hilarious challenges and mischiefs

10 finalists
Winner Pavel Golubnichiy
Glances and looks

When no words needed to reveal what the eyes have already done

10 finalists
Fantastic judges
Sara Sganga

Sara Sganga


Sara is a member of numerous associations and a winner of international and national contests by Fearless, ISPWP, MyWed and ANFM. She was the master of photography at the ProWedding Campus in Naples and a judge of the Romanian photographers' contest "100 Fotografii de Nunta" in 2018. She is constantly looking for a shoot with a strong emotive and creative impact.

Andreu Doz

Andreu Doz


A shy guy with a sharp eye, Andreu is a full-time observer and he is always striving to capture the authentic side of the story. He grew up in Barcelona and studied photography at Goldsmith University in London. Currently, he is one of the Top 10 photographers in Spain by FDB, Top 20 in the world by WPS and a 7 times finalist of the MyWed Award.

Richard Howman

Richard Howman


Cake eating, dog loving, wedding-obsessed chaser of emotions, moments, seductive colour and all the 'real stuff'. Masters the UK Wedding Photographer of the Year 2019, Fearless Photographers Judge 2018, Fearless Conference Speaker 2019, ISPWP Top Wedding Photographer in the UK in 2017, 2018, 2019. Published author of the photo journal "The Last Role 3: How to Save a Life".

Luan Vu

Luan Vu


Top 3 Vietnam photographer on MyWed. Luan relishes in shooting ordinary people and finds real joy in their simple and peaceful yet, at the same time, exciting moments. Being a finalist of the MyWed Award 2018 in "The Colour's Speech" nomination, he is, quite literally, a true master of colour.

Vinci Wang

Vinci Wang


One of the best wedding photographers in China who likes capturing the candid moments of a wedding. He is honoured with countless accolades by various photography associations: Top 100 of WPJA in 2016, Top 50 of AG|WPJA in 2016, 2017 and Top 100 in 2018, Top 10 Fearless Photographers in 2018, Top 10 ISPWP Photographer in 2016, 2018, and the Grand Award of WPPI in 2018.

Misha Moon

Misha Moon


In his photos, he skillfully combines his personal shooting style, precise timing and emotional competence. Being a professional who is fascinated by everything that he does and sees around himself, he finds that people are a plentiful source of inspiration for him. He has twice been the finalist of the MyWed Award in the "Photographer of the Year" nomination.

Leonard Walpot

Leonard Walpot


Leonard is one of the top documentary wedding photographers in the Netherlands. Recognised with national and international awards, he has top rankings with The Masters of Wedding Photography, Fearless Photographers, WPJA and This is Reportage. His aim in documenting weddings is to help couples remember and relive their wedding the best way possible – even to a level that their memories are preserved as art.

Artur Voth

Artur Voth


A quiet but an interesting guy, Artur loves photojournalism. He is considered to be one of the best wedding photographers in Germany, always eager for the perfect moment and shot. He adores travelling, delicious food and street photography. Happily married for more than 14 years, Artur is a father of two boys.

Gustavo Liceaga

Gustavo Liceaga


A hotshot photographer from Mexico, Gustavo found his vocation while he was studying the career in cinematography. Passionate about travelling, horror movies, ramen and couple goals, he is the finalist of 4 nominations of the MyWed Award of the previous years and the "Photographer of the year" in 2018, famous for his vibrant, dynamic and emotionally charged photos.

Pedro Vilela

Pedro Vilela


A husband, a proud father of two beautiful girls and a photographer by passion. Pedro lives in Lisbon and spends his days leading a simple life surrounded by his family and friends, nice talks and vibes, good food and wine and always with a camera in his hand. Top 10 photographers in Portugal on MyWed.


Who can participate?

Any professional photographer of legal age.

Sizes and formats

Everyone enjoys looking at the beautiful shots in high quality. Please upload photos with resolution of at least 2400 pixels on the longer side or bigger.
The file must contain the EXIF data so that we can check the shooting date.

Authorship of photographs

It is considered that the author of a photo is the person who held the camera and pressed the shutter button.
By sending a photo to the MyWed Award contest, you confirm that you are its author.
It is permissible to use up to 10 photos from assistants in the "Photographer of the Year" nomination (series of photos).
You also guarantee that there are no third party objections against the participation of your photos in the contest.

How to take part?

You need to be a MyWed member to take part.
Sign Up on MyWed, upload 20 photos to your portfolio and wait for the approval from our editors.
After being approved, you will be able to send your photos to the contest.
Already a member? Simply choose photos for the contest from your portfolio.

Number of series and photos

You can submit one photo for each single-shot nomination and one series of photos for the "Photographer of the year" nomination. The series must consist of 40 to 60 photos.

Participation fee

45 USD for all nominations. Free for MyWed Pro members.


The winner of the "Photographer of the year" nomination will get Nikon Z7 II camera with Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S lens.
The single-shot nominations have a total prize fund of 3000 (winners in each of 20 nominations will receive $150).
A winner is exclusively responsible to pay taxes on prize winning if any is required by the law of their country.

Have a question? Need our help?

Contact us here or email us at

What photos can be submitted?

Only photos taken in 2018 – 2019 are accepted.
Please note that the series of photos submitted to the "Photographer of the year" nomination must consist of photos taken at the same wedding.

What photos are forbidden?

Do not submit photos with frames, huge watermarks or logos.
Avoid pictures with diptychs, triptychs, multiple exposure, excessive post-production, design elements, etc.
Photos from workshops are not allowed.