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Photographer Anna Rowland
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  • First and foremost – whom can you name as the best photographer in Exeter? :)

    I genuinely couldn't tell you for sure.

  • Are you photogenic?

    No. I really dislike being on the other side of the camera, which is a shame but maybe in time I will feel differently.

  • How did you get in the photography industry?

    It's my life's work – initially I think a friend asked me when I was about 18, it kinda went from there.

  • What are the most important components of a good photo in your opinion?

    Emotion, composition, heart, light. All equally important and when they come together to create something that speaks to you and makes you take a second look, that's what works for me.

  • Do you love traveling?

    Infinitely so.

  • What do you like most about your profession?

    Meeting people and visiting places I otherwise wouldn't have, and the freedom of self-employment.

  • What do you like least about your profession?

    The degree of uncertainty attached to any form of self-employment I guess.

  • What will be the future of photography?

    Hard to say, the standards are very high now. I'd say exactly what it is right now – real moments.

  • What is special in the photography genre you specialise at?

    Capturing moments that happen fleetingly to remember always. Creating images that will evoke a memory or feeling of a loved person is the aspect most special to me.

  • How do you handle criticism?

    Pretty well. I think it's essential to progress. I might not always agree, but I welcome it.

  • Are there any trends in photography?

    Always, I try to stay true to what I personally believe in, so I ignore them.

  • What should be the criteria for a customer to choose a photographer?

    Something they can really feel. I truly think it’s a heart-led thing.

  • What things are to be avoided when shooting?

    I can't think of anything specific – always work around any potential issues

  • What details that usually pass unnoticed can a photographer notice?

    Fleeting expressions

  • What influences the value of a photo? What are its elements?

    An insight into a character, moment or exchange

  • What person can be the symbol of the 21st century in your opinion?

    I don't have an opinion on that.

  • Who do you want to take photos of?

    People with character. There's no single person I can conjure up in my head and think 'i'd like to take photos of that person'.

  • Do you have any professional taboos?

    Umm, wearing fur, I disagree with that so very much.

  • Who would you like to shoot with?

    No one in particular

  • What do you worry about, and why?

    Professionally I try not to worry and take everything as it comes. Wedding photography always comes with its challenges, the trick is how you deal with them.

  • What is the most impressive moment in your life?

    Does getting out of bed every morning count? Thought not. Having my son, probably.

  • If you were a cartoon, book or movie character, who would you be and why?

    Nala from Lion King. No reason, just a cool name and I like lions.

  • Who inspires you in your life and why?

    My son, just by being new and cool

  • How do you define success? How do you measure it?

    Being happy

  • Would you rather be liked or respected?

    Either, both, neither

  • What is the biggest mistake you have ever made at work?

    Not planning a route and getting lost pre-ceremony. It only happened once.

  • When you're going to travel, what do you take with you and why?

    Everything I think I might need and more

  • Is there anything among your gadgets that you wish you haven't bought? Why?

    Probably about 60% of it.
    I bought a time-lapse camera for my husband once, it was really expensive and he used it once then it sat and got old and rubbish before he would admit he would never use it again in time for me to sell it. I've always been quite annoyed at him about that. I wonder if he will ever read this...

  • How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

    Just by choosing to continue learning, being inspired by work outside of weddings and by being more considered with my frames. I also try not to be too formulaic and complacent. I know my job so well now that I could risk being just that. I think my genuine love for working with people, emotion and light always drives me to create something I'm proud of. I'm not sure i've actually answered that question...

  • Whose work has influenced you most as a photographer?

    Its changed vastly over the years. Currently I do my own thing, I couldn't name one person specifically who has influenced me over another.

  • What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

    I'm happy with how my career has evolved as it is

  • What do you want to say with your photographs?

    These people are real

  • What motivates you to continue taking pictures?

    The feedback. Every time. Also light. When I'm without a camera and I see beautiful light I'd want to create an interesting frame with, a little part of me mourns the possibility of what could have been. I usually try to take it in with my eyes and hope I can store it away in my brain for another day when I might have my camera and similar light to play with.

  • Should your parents have been more or less strict?

    My upbringing wasn't conventional. I'm pretty happy with how life has shaped me though and parenting is just a part of that.

  • If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

    Nothing. Life has been challenging in parts, but had it not been, I wouldn't be who I am now.

  • What about life on other planets?

    I'd say it would be naive to assume we are the only ones!

  • Who are your heroes?

    I don't have any as such.

  • Who do you have no respect for?

    People who do not operate kindly and with respect to all living things

  • What do you do in your spare time?

    I don't really have much spare time, I like to stay busy and there's always something to do.

  • What's the side of you that the public never sees?

    My introverted/shy side, which is the real me. This seems a funny question, like I'm famous. Alas I am not. I have no public. I have a few close friends who know the real me, when at work I guess I created a persona I can hide behind to a degree.

  • When are you completely satisfied with your work?

    Never. I always want to be better

  • Do you believe in the traditional roles for men and women?

    I believe we should all be whatever we want to be, regardless of gender stereotypes. In my household the 'traditional' roles are reversed in many senses. I've never personally felt I have had to fall within any gender stereotypes. I guess I like my husband to put the bins out, but then I do the car maintenance. I think what I'm trying to say is no.

  • Do you make friends easily?

    With some people its easy, with others I immediately decide it's not and so I don't tend to pursue them. I'm shy so this narrows down the whole 'new friends' possibilities as I don't tend to approach people.

  • Where would you like to live?

    New Zealand

  • What's the stupidest thing you've ever agreed to do?

    I don't think I have really done anything too stupid. I'm cautious, but can be easily led astray to do things that may be unwise, not so much stupid.

  • Is there life after marriage?

    Of course

  • Do you have a favourite joke? Tell us.

    I don't retell jokes well

  • Do you like dogs or cats?

    Cats, but I have and love both, so both, I should say, but mostly cats

  • Who or what do you hate?


  • The best thing in life is:

    Love, then tea.

  • The most annoying thing in life is:

    Don't start me, there's more than one. If pushed, I'd have to say a half-full bottle of water rolling around in my (car) passenger footwell, that's basically hell. Half-full because it makes more of a sloshy sound to add to the annoyance.

  • Is there anything around you that you would like to change?

    Attitudes, and ignorance.

  • What would you like to change in yourself?

    Nothing, and yet everything. That’s not an easily answered question :)

  • What would you like to change in the world?

    Greed, war, politics, animal cruelty. The world needs more changes than I can fit in this box

  • Can you give a few tips for photographers who are just starting out?

    Watch everything, work hard, slow down, understand people, accept challenges will happen, find your own vision, and love what you do.

  • If aliens come to the Earth and you are the first person they meet, what will you tell them?

    Be kind

  • If you are called to shoot a movie, what genre will it be?

    No doubt some kind of weird indie film

  • Tomorrow I will go and do...

    I'm shooting a wedding.