New on MyWed: Possibility to Specify Languages

Greetings to all!Some of you might have already indicated the languages they know using our popup wizard, for others, the news is as follows: you can do so as well in your personal info settings.Since today, the languages a photographer speaks, are indicated on his or her portfolio page, in the personal text bubble.So, it's high time for those ones who are too shy to share their linguistic capabilities to do so, because a language filter will be added to the photographers' directory soon to help couples from all over the world select a photographer in any corner of the Earth. Besides, it will be helpful for a couple that is looking for a photographer for a photo shoot during their romantic holiday or a destination wedding.That said,– Please open the freshly updated personal info page:… and pick the languages you can speak.
– Remember to set your native language too.
– Even if you have knowledge of any other language, set your mother tongue anyway.Thank you! 😉

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