"I know it is only Rock & Roll but I like it!"

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19.08.2016 Ciutadella de Menorca, Spain
Just a small rock & roll wedding.
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Anna Evgrafova (FishFoto) 4 years ago

Really great story!

Anton Iskra (iskraphoto) 4 years ago


Andreu Doz (andreudozphotog) 4 years ago Quote

Thanks Anna! I´m glad you liked ti!

Anna Khudokormova (AnnaXD) 4 years ago

Very nice story!

Ilsur Gareev (ilsur) 4 years ago

Good story thnx for sharing!

Andreu Doz (andreudozphotog) 4 years ago

Thank you ;)

Lyubov Vranicina (Vranin) 4 years ago

Very emotionally!

Andreu Doz (andreudozphotog) 4 years ago

Thank you Lyubov!