María & Javier

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19.10.2019 Antequera, Spain
Shared happiness
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Salvatore Grizzaffi (SalvoGrizzaffi) 2 weeks ago

Guardando la storia si capisce quanta passione ci metti . Molto Bella

Albert Pamies (albertpamies) 2 weeks ago

Gracias amigo!

Laurynas Butkevičius (laurynasb) 2 weeks ago

Super! Nice story!

Albert Pamies (albertpamies) 2 weeks ago

Thank you!

Christelle Rall (christellerall) 2 weeks ago

Great story!

Anastasiya Andreeva (Nastynda) 2 weeks ago

Super! The shot with dad carring dress is excellent!

Albert Pamies (albertpamies) 2 weeks ago

Thanks Anastasiya! That's one of my favorite shots

Lucio Censi (censi) 2 weeks ago

Well done !

Albert Pamies (albertpamies) 2 weeks ago

Thanks Lucio!

Diego Velasquez (velasstudio) 2 weeks ago

Pero que buena historia, gracias por compartirtal Albert!

Albert Pamies (albertpamies) 2 weeks ago

De nada Diego, me alegro que te guste!

Luigi Allocca (luigiallocca) 2 weeks ago

very nice

Viviana Calaon Moscova (vivianacalaonm) 1 week ago

Bella historia Albert!

Miguel Ponte (cmiguelponte) 5 days ago

Lost for words. What a beautiful report!

Andrey Zhulay (Juice) 2 days ago

Great series of photos)