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27.07.2019 Grasse, France
Despite all this water, this garden wedding turned into a fantastic party. No one seemed to care that, by the end of the night, the white wooden dance floor looked just like the rest of the muddy garden. Some guests abandoned their shoes and danced knee-deep in the mud as if it was brought there for their pleasure.
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Michel Quijorna (michelquijorna) 11 months ago

Fantástica boda !

Andreu Doz (andreudozphotog) 11 months ago

Gracias Michel!! Con lo que cuesta preparar una historia hay que sacarle el máximo provecho!

Christelle Rall (christellerall) 11 months ago

Great moments, love the use of light!

Juan Luis Morilla (juanluismorilla) 11 months ago

Really nice real story!

Fedor Borodin (fmborodin) 1 month ago

love it!

Sofya Kiparisova (Kiparisfoto) 1 week ago

This is very cool!!!