David & Anabel - Sunrise Serenissima

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21.03.2018 Venice, Italy
DAVID AND ANABELBeautiful Spanish couple that left Madrid, Spain for a couple of days to discover the magic of Venice and take their engagement photos. It was actually David who planned the photoshoot with me and surprised Anabel with it! She had no idea up until the early morning when he told her they were not only going for breakfast but also for a surprise engagement session. Funny thing is – first there was the photoshoot and only later, when the cafes opened, we went for a morning coffee and a brioche. Poor girl had to starve for a while (me and David hoped it was worth it though;))David is a photographer himself. He loves analog photography, hence the grainy mood in their pictures.
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Marin Avrora (MarinAvrora) 3 years ago

good story like you photos in Venice

Kinga Leftska (kingaleftska) 3 years ago

Thank you so much!! <3