Caroline + Hau

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05.02.2021 Washington, United States
A very intimate wedding of Caroline & Hau with two ceremonies of Catholic, Vietnamese & Western culture, a small yet cohesive reception, and a trip to nightly DC downtown in a trolley for some extra memories.
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Antonio Palermo (AntonioPalermo) 1 week ago

Very nice!!!!

Ken Pak (kenpak) 1 week ago

Thank you Antonio!

Kurt Vinion (vinion) 6 days ago

Fantastic job Ken!

Ken Pak (kenpak) 5 days ago

Thank you Kurt!

Casian Podarelu (casian) 5 days ago

Just amazing!!!

Ken Pak (kenpak) 2 days ago

😍 Thank you!

Ken Pak (kenpak) 2 days ago

Thank you! Congrats on your MyWed awards!

Bryan Hudson (BryanHudson) 4 days ago

Really fun Ken!

Ken Pak (kenpak) 2 days ago

Thank you Bryan! It was so much fun!

Sergey Chikharev (chikharev) 4 days ago

amazing story!

Ken Pak (kenpak) 2 days ago

Thank you!!!