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  • First and foremost – whom can you name as the best photographer in Los Angeles, United States? :)

    Super tough to answer since there's so many who have such immense strengths. LA is a melting pot of talent.

  • Are you photogenic?

    Not too much. Most pictures of myself are me doing something stupid.

  • What are the most important components of a good photo in your opinion?

    Do you want to keep looking at it? Have you ever felt that way or do you want to feel that way? If you can relate to the emotion or the story then your imagination takes over. For me I have a mild OCD so I like sneaky symmetry, that's an important one for me....sneaky symmetry.

  • Do you love traveling?

    I'm split on this. The world is a beautiful place. If gigs take me places that's awesome, if they don't then I'll be somewhere else on this beautiful planet.

  • What do you like most about your profession?

    Partying with people on the best day of their life.

  • What do you like least about your profession?

    The way my feet feel after a 16hr wedding.

  • What will be the future of photography?

    Same as now but with different gear. The real question should be what will be the future of photographers mind states.

  • What is special in the photography genre you specialise at?

    Weddings, engagements and every once in a while I do some street photography to sharpen myself up.

  • How do you handle criticism?

    When it's helpful, with open arms.

  • Are there any trends in photography?

    Too many. Shoot for yourself and you can avoid these.

  • What should be the criteria for a customer to choose a photographer?

    Do you feel like you've known them for a while after just meeting them?

  • What things are to be avoided when shooting?

    Low batteries and low energy.

  • What details that usually pass unnoticed can a photographer notice?

    Children running under chairs. The look of their friends face while she's getting her dress on. Parents look during vows....there's a million and one stories to be told at a wedding no one see's.

  • What influences the value of a photo? What are its elements?

    The values of the person looking at it.

  • What person can be the symbol of the 21st century in your opinion?


  • Who do you want to take photos of?

    My kids. James Brown, Sterolab.

  • Do you have any professional taboos?

    Haha yes. I always have one of my kids hot wheels in my pocket during a wedding to remind me of them. It's my good luck charm.

  • Who would you like to shoot with?

    Sam Hurd, Kevin Mullins, Jonas Rask and my buddy Matei Horvath

  • What do you worry about, and why?

    Try not to worry, you'll live longer.

  • What is the most impressive moment in your life?

    Child birth

  • If you were a cartoon, book or movie character, who would you be and why?

    Cartoon – Spike from Cowboy BeBop. He's badass, creative and doesn't worry. Book – Art of War – Movie – Eddie Morra from Limitless

  • Who inspires you in your life and why?

    All day my kids. No explanation, they just do.

  • How do you define success? How do you measure it?

    By the smile in your brain when you sleep.

  • If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

    Not take that sports almanac.

  • What about life on other planets?

    Yes and anyone who disagrees clearly hasn't done DMT. I half joke but yeah of course there is.

  • Who do you have no respect for?

    Daleks and ignorance.

  • What do you do in your spare time?

    Raise my kids, work on the house, write music, sketch....idle hands are the devils best friend.

  • What's the side of you that the public never sees?

    Me sleeping.

  • Do you believe in the traditional roles for men and women?


  • Do you make friends easily?

    Yeah sure. I mean humans are cool but we're sneaky as shit. So friends on the surface yeah, the good friend stuff comes when the sneaky meter stays low.

  • Where would you like to live?

    Wherever my family is having the most fun. Currently I am living in a couch fort made 3 nights ago.

  • What's the stupidest thing you've ever agreed to do?

    8th of shrooms in the LA Forest during winter.

  • Do you like dogs or cats?

    Cats 100%

  • What would you like to change in the world?


  • Can you give a few tips for photographers who are just starting out?

    Burn through cameras, never stop just burn through them. Big adjustments and small adjustments, you'll get it.

  • If you are called to shoot a movie, what genre will it be?

    Dune genre whatever that is...a space opera adventure.