Two Quarantine Months Compensation

Vegetating at home because of COVID-19? MyWed will compensate you those two quarantine months.If you purchase MyWed Pro for any term in March or April, we will add you two months for free!Take care of yourself and your close ones!


Great idea. The entire industry is now undergoing severe testing. Health for All.
But as i see only if you buy it in March or April, so as I understand correctly, if already bought one will not get compensated?
Yes, only the March or April purchases will be compensated.
Thanks guys for the idea, it seems to be a very helpful practice these days. In Italy the whole wedding market got a great severe punch and all the bookings till May are cancelled. It's probably the hardest time for our industry now.
Quindi chi, come me, ha acquistato MyWed Pro prima di Marzo non avrà alcun beneficio ? Nessun vantaggio ?
The offer only compensates for the purchases made in March and April.
we thank you very much!!full health for everyone and stay happy!
This is so unprofessional by MyWed we all all affected by this not just March or April pro members all pro members need to be extended for 2m.
buenas.. creo que lo que dicen los compañeros..... 2 meses gratis seria para todos los que pagamos no solo marzo y abril...
The idea is great, however I don't remember either when I purchased the premium! :)
This is a business. They are trying to get cash now. However if we, the photographers, are not getting cash so it does not look a good deal at all. Even more when we do not know when we restart our business again.
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Ja się liczę z tym, że ten rok jest stracony, moja firma już jest na skraju ... do sierpnia nie mam już nic, wiem, że chyba chyba w tym roku nie wystartujemy. Nie wiem jak w innych krajach, ale Polska to kraj politycznych idiotów. Zdrowia wszystkim.
The two months add automatically?
Still in lockdown here in Australia :-( No weddings – no events – tough times.
Comunque far una proroga di 2 mesi di MyWed-pro a tutti gli inscritti, mi sembra giusto...

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