Photographers in Bled: wedding photography

A professional wedding photographer in Bled? Take a look at the work of each photographer here and see their price to determine who is the best photographer to create wedding day memories for you!
This picturesque highland resort is filled with ideal locations for wedding photography, with the Alpine Lake Bled being the most beautiful spot for imagery. Capturing waterside views with the reclusive Bled Island's church or even using the mountain-top Bled Castle as a backdrop is a must. Photographers can also offer a photo shoot on the Julian Alps trails or intimate studio photography if preferred, so consider each photographer and imagine what they may bring to your wedding. more
  • Photographer's speciality
    • Wedding4
    • Couples0
    • Maternity0
    • Newborn0
    • Kids0
    • Family0
    • Portrait0
  • Charge per hour
    130 185  USD
  • Photographer's language
    Any language
    • English27
    • Slovenian19
    • Croatian9
    • Serbian6
    • German5
    • Russian5
    • Italian4
    • Spanish4
    • Bosnian2
    • French2

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