Best Wedding Photographers in Canada

A ranking of the best Canadian photographers according to the expert reviews and the outcomes of the MyWed Award international photo contest. Get pleasure from the shots the talented professionals shared with you and choose the most impressive wedding photographer in Canada.
  • Photographer's speciality
    • Wedding1274
    • Couples19
    • Maternity0
    • Newborn2
    • Kids1
    • Family3
    • Portrait2
  • Charge per hour
    0 505  USD
  • Photographer's language
    Any language
    • English1072
    • French160
    • Russian45
    • Spanish38
    • Ukrainian25
    • Polish11
    • Portuguese10
    • Arabic9
    • German8
    • Hindi8
    • Punjabi8
    • Romanian6
    • Tagalog5
    • Turkish4
    • Simplified Chinese4
    • Croatian4
    • Hebrew4
    • Serbian4
    • Italian3
    • Traditional Chinese3
    • Korean3
    • Czech2
    • Japanese2
    • Slovak2
    • Bulgarian2
    • Persian2
    • Cebuano2
    • Urdu2
    • Yoruba2
    • Hungarian1
    • Dutch1
    • Vietnamese1
    • Azerbaijani1
    • Bengali1
    • Bosnian1
    • Gujarati1
    • Malayalam1
    • Marathi1
    • Tamil1
    • Telugu1
    • Afrikaans1
    • Slovenian1
  • Marcin Karpowicz (bdfkphotography)
    Last seen 3 hours ago
    Marcin Karpowicz (bdfkphotography)
    The emotions are the quintessence of photography :) I am human, husband, and photographer. Calgary, Canada 390 USD Marcin Karpowicz +1 780-292-6003
    390 USD per hour
    6 hours minimum
  • Todd Kwiczak (tkshotz)
    Last seen 1 day ago
    Todd Kwiczak (tkshotz)
    ꤼ Our goal is to make every client feel celebrated through light, connection and story ꤼ . Photographer offering wedding Photography in Calgary, Canmore and Banff Calgary, Canada 315 USD Todd Kwiczak +1 403-700-1792
    315 USD per hour
    8 hours minimum
  • Maurizio Solis Broca (solis)
    Last seen 2 weeks ago
    Maurizio Solis Broca (solis)
    Let's dance. Montreal, Canada 355 USD Maurizio Solis Broca +52 55 6839 0745
    355 USD per hour
    6 hours minimum
  • Chris Lg Cassio (elefantestudios)
    Last seen 3 weeks ago
    Chris Lg Cassio (elefantestudios)
    Hi! We are Chris and LG, a crazy married couple who enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends. We love to sing and dance although Gera is not so good. Enjoy our work and let us know if you want to make a toast with us on behalf of LOOOVE! Vancouver, Canada 500 USD Chris Lg Cassio +52 618 261 1650
    500 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Lukas Slobodzian (4eyesphotography)
    Last seen 2 hours ago
    Lukas Slobodzian (4eyesphotography)
    Hello there. My name is Lukas, and I am a founder and photographer at 4Eyes Photography in Canada. 4Eyes Photography is a husband and wife team specializing in creative, documentary wedding photography. My work is my passion and something that I truly love to do. Calgary, Canada 275 USD Lukas Slobodzian +1 403-483-1916
    275 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Joey Rudd (joeyrudd)
    Last seen 1 day ago
    Joey Rudd (joeyrudd)
    If you are looking for beautiful, authentic photographs that capture your emotions and memories from the most special moments in your life, drop me a line! Lets see how we can work together to capture these timeless memories for you. Ottawa, Canada 310 USD Joey Rudd +1 613-805-5639
    310 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Eric Draht (draht)
    Eric Draht draht PRO Kelowna, Canada
    Last seen 5 hours ago
    Eric Draht (draht)
    I'm a theatre boy, working for 8 years in an old theatre in a small town. Artistic, and a bit eccentric, I love making photos that are completely different from anything else you'll see. Candid, and a bit over the top. Kelowna, Canada 235 USD Eric Draht +1 250-550-6077
    235 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Yanina Sky (yaninasky)
    Yanina Sky yaninasky PRO Vancouver, Canada
    Last seen today
    Yanina Sky (yaninasky)
    What If I say, that I can shot your wedding for available price? What If I say, that you can get high quality photos in 10 days after the wedding and sneak peek photos the next day? What If I say, that your private online gallery will be for one year? My Name is Yanina and I’m from Ukraine🇺🇦 Vancouver, Canada 160 USD Yanina Sky +1 236-971-4390
    160 USD per hour
    6 hours minimum
  • Ann Wen (annwen)
    Ann Wen annwen PRO Ottawa, Canada
    Last seen 3 days ago
    Ann Wen (annwen)
    Internationally acclaimed photographer based in Ottawa, Canada. Co-owner of the fun, fresh and always fabulous, Green Tea Photography! Ottawa, Canada 315 USD Ann Wen
    315 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Last seen a long time ago
    Ryan And Laine Rubicon (rubiconphotogs)
    We're Ryan + Laine, Ottawa wedding and elopement photographers who blend a journalistic and cinematic approach. We focus on the beautiful fleeting moments that are unique to your day, and together we create an authentic and timeless collection of images that tell your wedding story. Ottawa, Canada 390 USD Ryan And Laine Rubicon +1 613-293-2404
    390 USD per hour
    3 hours minimum
  • Eliane Pellegrini (elianepellegrini)
    Last seen 7 hours ago
    Eliane Pellegrini (elianepellegrini)
    International Award-winning, published Photographer with vast working experience in Canada, Dubai, Brazil, Dominican Republic, United States, Italy, France, Argentina, Spain and Chile. Currently based in Canada. Ottawa, Canada 350 USD Eliane Pellegrini +1 343-961-9837
    350 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Colleen Anne Johnson (colleenanne)
    Last seen 3 weeks ago
    Colleen Anne Johnson (colleenanne)
    Documentary wedding photography that puts you in your best light. Colleen Anne Johnson is the lead photographer and owner of Colleen Anne Photography with 17 years of professional experience as a wedding photographer. Available for weddings in the Ottawa Gatineau region. Ottawa, Canada 285 USD Colleen Anne Johnson +1 613-231-6956
    285 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Amir Ghazi (aplus)
    Amir Ghazi aplus PRO Montreal, Canada
    Last seen a long time ago
    Amir Ghazi (aplus)
    Unique Style of Wedding Photography, Based in Montreal available worldwide. Montreal, Canada 235 USD Amir Ghazi +1 514-638-3377
    235 USD per hour
    6 hours minimum
  • Valerie Rosen (valerierosen)
    Last seen 1 day ago
    Valerie Rosen (valerierosen)
    Montreal Wedding & Portrait Photographer. Wholeheartedly dedicated to my clients from the first consultation to delivery of photos. It's the storytelling of all the little moments for me. Happy to travel worldwide. Inquire for availability and pricing via website or call directly. Montreal, Canada 295 USD Valerie Rosen +1 514-554-4094
    295 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Marko Ditkun (markodphoto)
    Last seen 6 days ago
    Marko Ditkun (markodphoto)
    Marko D creates images that are full of life, love, and creativity. Specializing in wedding, portrait, and sports photography based in Edmonton, Canada. Edmonton, Canada 235 USD Marko Ditkun
    235 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Michelle Behr (okanaganphotogr)
    Last seen 1 week ago
    Michelle Behr (okanaganphotogr)
    Memorable and Vibrant Okanagan Photography boasts one of the most creative and romantic wedding photography portfolios based in the Okanagan. Capturing your special day is our delight! We feature two talented photographers and expertly edited images delivered in 3-4 weeks following your wedding day. Kelowna, Canada 235 USD Michelle Behr +1 250-763-7399
    235 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Annabelle Agnew (annabelleagnew)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Annabelle Agnew (annabelleagnew)
    Annabelle Agnew is a Montreal & Ottawa Wedding Photographer who frames the hard-to-say-with-words moments unique to your wedding day. Her photos are often described as "cinematic", "looks like a painting", but stay true to the moment. Less posing, more presence, allow couples to celebrate their day. Montreal, Canada 350 USD Annabelle Agnew +1 514-293-5002
    350 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Geoff Wilkings (geoff)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Geoff Wilkings (geoff)
    Based in Calgary Canada, I will travel anywhere in the world to photograph your wedding day. My goal is to provide you with awesome photographs. Calgary, Canada 390 USD Geoff Wilkings +1 403-826-9927
    390 USD per hour
    4 hours minimum
  • Amar Auluck (amarstudios)
    Last seen a month ago
    Amar Auluck (amarstudios)
    Multi Award winner, Amar Studios Ottawa Wedding Photographer makes every effort to ensure your photographs stand out from the crowd, creating special moments of your unique day to paragon forever. Ottawa, Canada 275 USD Amar Auluck +1 613-355-6875
    275 USD per hour
    4 hours minimum
  • Yulia Mishchuk (yuliam)
    Last seen 1 week ago
    Yulia Mishchuk (yuliam) Toronto, Canada 260 USD Yulia Mishchuk +1 647 509 2529
    260 USD per hour
    3 hours minimum
  • Leelynn Bardsley (lbardsley)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Leelynn Bardsley (lbardsley)
    East Coast story teller Moncton, Canada 240 USD Leelynn Bardsley +1 506-871-8409
    240 USD per hour
    8 hours minimum
  • Valeria Valle (valevallephoto)
    Last seen 3 days ago
    Valeria Valle (valevallephoto)
    For the wild romantics, free souls and adventurous lovers! I capture real moments and raw emotions in a space of good vibe, trust and fun! Montreal, Canada 255 USD Valeria Valle +1 514-929-9221
    255 USD per hour
    4 hours minimum
  • ARUN MOHAN (aruphotography)
    Last seen today
    ARUN MOHAN (aruphotography)
    What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce Windsor, Canada 170 USD ARUN MOHAN +1 248-808-1389
    170 USD per hour
    3 hours minimum
  • Lindsay Muciy (lindsaymuciy)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Lindsay Muciy (lindsaymuciy)
    Montreal wedding photographer & videographer. A luxury studio with top photographers and filmmakers servicing Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, and Toronto. Best known for a keen eye for detail and an ability to connect with clients through the lens during creative wedding and engagement shoots. Montreal, Canada 235 USD Lindsay Muciy +1 514-808-6482
    235 USD per hour
    8 hours minimum
  • Taibi Ouafi (pixyfruit)
    Last seen today
    Taibi Ouafi (pixyfruit) Montreal, Canada 145 USD Taibi Ouafi +1 514-663-8931
    145 USD per hour
    3 hours minimum
  • Dominic Blewett (6dweddings)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Dominic Blewett (6dweddings)
    Boutique wedding photography and destination wedding photography service based in Montreal, Quebec. Montreal, Canada 260 USD Dominic Blewett +1 438-622-1961
    260 USD per hour
    6 hours minimum
  • Julian Mi (julia)
    Julian Mi julia PRO Montreal, Canada
    Last seen 4 weeks ago
    Julian Mi (julia)
    Do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions :) Montreal, Canada 140 USD Julian Mi +1 778-652-8018
    140 USD per hour
    4 hours minimum
  • Gillian Foster (gillianfoster)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Gillian Foster (gillianfoster)
    Hi! I'm Gillian, a Toronto wedding and lifestyle photographer. I have a BA in Studio Art, with a background in fine art and film photography. I take a documentary approach to capture bright, artistic and candid photos. Toronto, Canada 195 USD Gillian Foster +1 647-746-3984
    195 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • İlker Reytan (ilker86)
    Last seen 2 days ago
    İlker Reytan (ilker86) Toronto, Canada 200 USD İlker Reytan +1 647-769-8862
    200 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Matt Diosdado (mattdiosdado)
    Last seen a month ago
    Matt Diosdado (mattdiosdado) Toronto, Canada 200 USD Matt Diosdado +52 442 586 5671
    200 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum

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