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利兹, 联合王国 PRO

在MyWed上8 年
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  • 您上相吗?

    Hell no!

  • 您是如何进入摄影行业的?

    To be completely honest I finished Film School and didn't want to make films, so I looked for a way to make a living from Photography and weddings just made sense. There wasn't a burning desire to be involved with weddings. I learned to build a website and offered cheap photography and within two weeks I'd shot my first wedding. During that time I saw Rangefinder magazine and read American Photo's 'Worlds top ten' list and I was completely inspired. When I shot the first wedding I was totally and utterly hooked, I just loved everything about it. Soon after Verity joined be and we never looked back.

  • 在您看来,一张好的照片最重要的组成部分有哪些?

    Composition, originality and light

  • 您热爱旅行吗?

    Yes, although until recently I've not done much!

  • 对于您的职业,您最喜欢什么地方?

    Getting to do what I love with the person I love most in the world. What's not to like!?

  • 对于您的职业,您最不喜欢什么地方?

    Some of the attitudes we encountered when we first started out, with some people worrying more about what others are doing than themselves.

  • 摄影的前景如何?

    Who knows! Everything seems to go full circle so I'm sure a lot of the techniques people are using now will still be popping up in the future.

  • 您专长的摄影风格有什么特别?

    It's a day that is absolutely jam packed with photo opportunities. As photographers all any of us can ask for is a great moment or two and weddings provide a bounty of great moments. Not to mention the fact that everyones cheerful and it's just a flippin' awesome job!

  • 您如何应对批评?

    We don't really get much criticism! Certainly not from clients, but if we did we would just try to rectify the situation any way that we could to ensure they still had a great experience. If it's criticism from peers, mentors or each other then we know they have our best interests at heart and try to take it on board so we can improve next time.

  • 摄影有什么趋势?

    Loads! Too many to list and a few that really wind me up. I won't start on those.

  • 客户选择摄影师时应该遵循什么标准?

    They have to connect with their photographer and be comfortable sharing their day with them. They obviously have to love the photos too!

  • 拍摄时绝不允许什么事情?

    Over here in the UK we're pretty reserved when it comes to the ceremony. Our officiants don't tend to like us getting too up close and personal so we have to be careful not to overstep any boundaries there. Oh and other suppliers trying to push you out of the way....but that's another story!

  • 有哪些摄影师可以捕捉的通常会被忽略的细节?

    Intimate moments between the bride and groom,

  • 什么影响照片的价值?它的元素有哪些?

    Waaaaay to much to write down. From personal connection to technical skill. It all depends on who's judging it, I know most the photos I consider to be valuable aren't technically great, they just have emotional significance. Of course if you can get an emotionally significant photo that is technically sound then you're onto a winner!

  • 在您看来,什么人可以成为 21 世纪的代表人物?

    Haha that's a pretty odd one, I have no idea!

  • 您想要为谁拍摄?

    I'd love to photograph Zach Braff!

  • 您有职业禁忌吗?


  • 您想与谁一起拍摄?

    I'd love to go on a shoot with Ben and Erin Chrisman, Davina + Daniel, Two Mann Studios, they are all couples who've really inspired us. Oh and I'd love a day out with Emin Kuliyev, every day he posts some new awesome lens creation on Facebook, I'd just love to try out some of his exotic kit!

  • 您担心什么?为什么担心?

    I don't really worry about anything, I'm not a worrier!

  • 在生命中,给您印象最深的时刻是什么?

    I don't know really, hopefully there's lots to come!

  • 如果有机会成为一个动画、文学或电影人物,您想成为谁?为什么?

    Totoro, because he's awesome.

  • 在生命中谁鼓舞了您?为什么?

    Photographically there are too many awesome people to list!

  • 您如何定义成功?如何衡量它?

    Are people booking you? That's really all there is to it, everything else in terms of awards etc is lovely but not a measure of success.

  • 您非常受人喜欢或尊敬吗?


  • 您在工作中犯过的最大错误是什么?

    Touch wood I haven't ever made any huge mistakes!

  • 当您准备去旅行时,要携带什么?为什么?

    A camera because it's part of who we are!

  • 在您拥有的器材中,是否有一些是您后悔购买的?为什么?

    Not really, I love all of my gadgets!

  • 您如何提高自己以拍摄出更好的照片?

    By watching films and looking at masters of photography outside of weddings. There's so much to learn from other fields of photography!

  • 谁的作品对您作为摄影师的影响最大?

    Verity's, I see everything she shoots so that always affects me moving forwards.

  • 开始拍摄时,您最想知道什么?

    The less you see other wedding photographers work, the more you develop a unique style. And not to worry about anyone copying your shots!

  • 您想对自己的照片说什么?

    Nothing, it's about how the couple want their day to unfold and I want the photos to reflect that. Ok, it's in my style but it's their story so it should be their message.

  • 什么激励您继续拍摄下去?

    I just love taking photos!

  • 您的父母是否应该更严厉或变得温和一点呢?

    I really couldn't ask for a better life, so I'd say neither, I wouldn't want anything to change!

  • 如果能够回到过去,您会有什么不同的举动?

    I'd worry less about having the best kit. It really doesn't make a difference!

  • 对于其他星球上的生命,您有何看法?

    What about it? It has to exist somewhere and I'd love to see where!

  • 谁是您的英雄?

    I don't really have any heroes, lots of people I respect, but not particularly any heroes!

  • 您不尊重谁?

    Where I grew up there was a lot of closed-mindedness and intolerance so I don't have any respect for people like that!

  • 您在业余时间会做什么?

    Take photos, train for Ninja Warrior and train and compete in Triathlons.

  • 公众从不会看到您的哪一面?

    The 'sitting at home and watching chick flicks with Verity' side

  • 什么时候您对自己的作品完全满意?

    Never! I love what we do but there's always things that you could improve on and that's what makes us strive to continue pushing ourselves professionally.

  • 您主张男人和女人的传统角色吗?


  • 您很容易就会交到朋友吗?


  • 您想生活在什么地方?

    I absolutely love Yorkshire, but I would like to live in the Lake District one day, or possibly America!

  • 您答应做的最愚蠢的事情是什么?

    I have no idea!

  • 结婚之后生活的质量高吗?

    What an odd question! I love life after marriage!

  • 您有最喜欢的玩笑吗?请告诉我们。

    Not really!

  • 您喜欢狗还是喜欢猫?

    Both, but I prefer dogs!

  • 您讨厌谁,或者厌恶什么?

    I don't really HATE anything!

  • 生活中最美好的事情是:

    My wife!

  • 生活中最让人烦心的事情是:

    There only being 24 hours in a day during wedding season

  • 您是否想改变周围的一些事情?


  • 您希望改变自己的哪些方面?

    Nothing really, I'm pretty comfortable with my flaws!

  • 您希望改变世界什么地方?

    That's a pretty big one! A bit more financial equality around the world would be a good start.

  • 对于刚入行的摄影师,您能提供一些建议吗?

    Concentrate on what you're best at, looking at other photographers is great but you'll never make any headway until you produce something that's truly your own instead of rehashing old work.

  • 如果外星人来到地球并且您是他们见到的第一个人,您会跟他们说什么?

    Leave, before the government locks you in a bunker!

  • 如果您被邀请去拍一部电影,您希望是什么流派?

    I'd like to shoot a comedy drama

  • 明天我会去做...

    A triathlon, without any training at all since it's been a busy wedding season.