Mr and Mrs Smith

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01.09.2019 Snagov, 羅馬尼亞
This amazing couple asked us not to post pictures with their faces. After seeing how amazing this wedding turned out, we agreed with them to post only faceless pics, so here you have a beautiful wedding covered in mystery. Enjoy!
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Sergiu Irimescu (Silhouettes) 1 年 前

Thank you :D

Marina Leta (idmarinaleta) 1 年 前

классная серия!

Sergiu Irimescu (Silhouettes) 1 年 前

Thanks a lot

Danila Pasyuta (PasyutaFOTO) 1 年 前

Супер! 👏

Sergiu Irimescu (Silhouettes) 1 年 前

Благодаря ти