Mga photoshoot

Inside a Groom's Preparation

Last night I was covering the groom’s preparation for a fellow photographer. She told me that it’s a big family and I have to manage a big crowd.When I arrived, i received fantastic vibes and felt very welcome. First people I' ve met was the grandfather and grandmother while next were the parents, a very young couple with 8(!!!) kids. As I started shooting the details and accessories friends and relatives kept coming and at the time that the groom was ready to start getting dressed we had about 60-70 people inside the house.The house was getting smaller and smaller as the visitors was getting closer and closer to the action so they can take images videos or even livestream the preparation. I love the shooting simple and discreet so I can capture the authenticity and the candid moments of the day. Real emotions, real tears (ok, some times i provoke them a bit using simple words), real smiles and reactions. Check out the reportage and let me know your thoughts.

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Mga komento

Nice b&w story, a lot of emotional moments. Bravo!
thank you sir. It’s was one of the season highlights for many reasons.
Great pictures! Looks like fun!
thank you. It was great experience shooting this family
Amazing people who you worked with. Nice B&W and it shows that the groom had a lot of fun with his relatives.
Amazing job, Christos.
hello. Thank you. It was the greatest atmosphere ever and the best conditions
Me encantan los momentos. Un abrazo!
Very nice storytelling, looks cool in black and white!
thank you.. it was a day that i will always remember
I love when you have a lot going on during getting ready. When you have a lot of storytelling in the very first part of the wedding day. You did a great job here!
thank you. yes exactly. if it starts like that just imagine how it ends. the sad part is that i never saw the full wedding, i was hired only for the groom. thank you for your kind words
esse é o tipo de making of que eu gostaria de fazer. Parabens!!! Belíssimo trabalho!

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