Alan & Juan Carlos

  • Raporteeri
22.04.2021 Puerto Vallarta, Mehhiko
I can not tell how excited I was to shoot this particular wedding! because of all of the pandemic situations around the globe, Alan and Juan Carlos, like many couples, had to postpone their wedding celebration date one year, it felt kind of like taking impulse to go to the infinity and beyond, I was able to see much more love, laughs and drinks…..oh yeah! With Puerto Vallarta’s weather at its best, there was so much light, a nice breeze from the ocean, and the warmth that pushed many guests (including the grooms) into the pool by the end of the night, the perfect combination for an outstanding day to get married at Villa La Mansion. Design and Planner: Venue: www.lamansionvallarta.c… Cinematography:…
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