MyWed Award 2017

Hello everyone!
Yes, the great day has finally come.MyWed and Nikon are launching the most thrilling wedding photographers competition – the MyWed Award 2017: stages1 – 31 of October: acceptance of works
1 – 15 of November: short-list compilation
16 – 30 of November: evaluation of works by the jury
5 of December: announcing the winnersParticipation fee$45 is the fee to join all nominations.
Free for the MyWed Pro members: jurySuch wedding photography masters as Pete Farrell, Massimiliano Magliacca, Brian Callaway, Allison Callaway, Damiano & Donatella, Ross Harvey, Artem Vindrievsky, Jorge Mercado, Victor Marti and Mauricio Arias will judge the works this year.Winners and finalistsThe jury will select 10 finalists and 1 winner in each nomination.PrizesThe total prize fund equals $6000.
The winners of the MyWed Award single photo nominations will receive $300 each (winners, not finalists, please note that).
The winner of the “Photographer of the Year” nomination, the only nomination that requires a series of photos, will take the Nikon D5 camera.Nominations12 main nominations (held annually)1. Engagement – magical memories about the couple's love before the wedding
2. Getting ready – special moments of the wedding day preparations
3. Details – the wedding day details secretly "peeped" by a photographer
4. Wedding guests – the newlyweds' friends, siblings, parents and closest people
5. Ceremony – groom's reaction to the bride walking down the aisle and other special moments from the wedding ceremony
6. Rings – photographs of the main symbol of any wedding day
7. Family portrait – group photos of all wedding guests
8. Heroes of the day – the bride's or groom's portrait. Or a photograph of the two of them
9. Wedding party – highlights of the wedding party at a restaurant, everything that happens there
10. First dance – the centrepiece of the reception, with the newlyweds dancing for the first time with all eyes on them
11. The bouquet toss – catching the bouquet will bring good luck in love
12. Cake cutting – the first task that the newlyweds have to carry out together8 additional nominations (change every year)13. Gadgets – never without their iPhones, smartwatches or even laptops, aren't they? Share photos of guests and newlyweds caught with their gadgets
14. Camera angle – a decisive factor in creating a memorable shot
15. Moment – you won’t have a second chance to shoot something like that
16. Framing – using other objects in your photograph to frame the main subject
17. Recognizable world's places – Colosseum, Eiffel Tower, Red Square and the like
18. Traditions – national highlights of a wedding
19. Rotated photographs – this way is much better!
20. Higher and higher – using a monopod, a drone, a helicopter or a satelliteRatingThe results of the MyWed Award will have a strong influence on the rating of all photographers on MyWed as winners and finalists will receive notable rating points. So if you want to set a new trend in wedding photography or get noticed by people from all over the world, there is no better way than to achieve this with the help of the MyWed Award!Important issues to consider:– Diptychs, as well as photos from workshops and staged events, are prohibited
– A series may contain no more than 10 photos from your assistants.
– Please submit only those photos that were taken in 2016 – 2017. Only wedding pictures are accepted for single photo nominations, with the exception of the Engagement nomination.
– You guarantee that you are the owner of the pictures. The owner of a photo is the person who held the camera and took the shot.
– It doesn't matter what company is the manufacturer of your camera, so that means that the owner of any equipment can join the contest.
– If you want to send photos to the competition, first upload them to your portfolio. Then open your portfolio page and hover the mouse over the photo you want to submit. Use the yellow popup button to send it to our jury.
– Find the full list of requirements here:…Good luck to you all!

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