Elle & Aaron

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18.01.2020 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
The venue was fantastic and the day was awesome, everybody had a great energy and I can´t be more proud to be the one who captured this wedding photo story where click by click the sensations of this huge day can be seen and I personally feel again everything everytime I watch it, I hope in my heart the groom and bride feel the same way and much more, since these memories are theirs.Elle & Aaron I just can´t say thank you enough for such a great day in your life and also in mine.
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Christelle Rall (christellerall) 2 weeks ago

Great story, wow!

Jorge Mercado (jorgemercado) 2 weeks ago

Thank you!!!

Matteo Carta (matteocartafoto) 1 week ago

well done, great story!

Antonio Palermo (AntonioPalermo) 1 week ago

Complimenti, stupenda!

Jorge Mercado (jorgemercado) 1 week ago

Thank you Antonio!!!

Vera Fleisner (Soifer) 1 week ago

Beautiful story!

Viviana Calaon Moscova (vivianacalaonm) 10 hours ago

Hermosa historia Jorge!