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Photographer Vitaliy Melikhov

Kharkiv, Ukraine 

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I can speak russian, ukrainian, english. Kharkiv, Ukraine 1500 UAH Vitaliy Melikhov +380 95 433 3565
  • First and foremost – whom can you name as the best photographer in Kharkiv, Ukraine? :)

    Много хороших фотографов, не могу определить лучшего)

  • Are you photogenic?

    Чуть хуже своих клиентов)

  • How did you get in the photography industry?

    I love it!

  • What are the most important components of a good photo in your opinion?

    Свет, композиция, эмоция, настроение.

  • Do you love traveling?

    Путешествие-лучшее, что есть в жизни человека. Жюль Верн.

  • What do you like most about your profession?

    Счастье клиентов от моих фотографий.

  • What do you like least about your profession?

    Все нравится)

  • What will be the future of photography?

    Свадьбу будут снимать 10-100 дронов, обрабатывать фотографии будет искусственный интеллект, а свадебные фотографы будут наслаждаться жизнью)

  • What is special in the photography genre you specialise at?

    Считаю свадебную фотографию суммой всех фотографических жанров.

  • How do you handle criticism?


  • Are there any trends in photography?

    Тренды существуют, но классика вечна.

  • What should be the criteria for a customer to choose a photographer?

    На портфолио и личные качества.

  • What things are to be avoided when shooting?


  • What details that usually pass unnoticed can a photographer notice?

    Как ложится свет.

  • What influences the value of a photo? What are its elements?


  • What person can be the symbol of the 21st century in your opinion?

    Энни Лейбовиц

  • Who do you want to take photos of?

    Это люди, которые мне полностью доверяют и им нравятся мои фотографии.

  • Do you have any professional taboos?


  • Who would you like to shoot with?

    Игорь Булгак

  • What do you worry about, and why?


  • What is the most impressive moment in your life?

    Каждый момент моей жизни-яркое событие)

  • If you were a cartoon, book or movie character, who would you be and why?

    Филеас Фогг, вокруг света за 80 дней.

  • Who inspires you in your life and why?

    Моя жена.

  • How do you define success? How do you measure it?

    Для меня не понятна категория успех и шкала по которой его можно измерить.

  • Would you rather be liked or respected?

    Когда любят и уважают.

  • What is the biggest mistake you have ever made at work?

    Нет промахов.

  • When you're going to travel, what do you take with you and why?

    Фотоаппарат. Нам хорошо вдвоем)

  • Is there anything among your gadgets that you wish you haven't bought? Why?

    Не жалею.

  • How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

    Мотивация. Когда видишь, что могут другие.

  • Whose work has influenced you most as a photographer?

    Steve McCurry, Annie Leibovitz, Игорь Булгак

  • What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

    Все что узнал, все мое)

  • What do you want to say with your photographs?

    Не могу сейчас ответить на этот вопрос.

  • What motivates you to continue taking pictures?

    Счастье клиентов от результата моей работы.

  • Should your parents have been more or less strict?

    Все устраивает в своем воспитании.

  • If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?


  • What about life on other planets?

    Не знаю.

  • Who are your heroes?

    Каждый человек в чем-то достоин поражению.

  • Who do you have no respect for?

    Всех уважаю.

  • What do you do in your spare time?


  • What's the side of you that the public never sees?

    Открыт для окружающих.

  • When are you completely satisfied with your work?

    Всегда удовлетворен, и всегда хочется больше и лучше.

  • Do you believe in the traditional roles for men and women?

    Да. Отношусь толерантно ко всем.

  • Do you make friends easily?


  • Where would you like to live?

    На планете Земля

  • What's the stupidest thing you've ever agreed to do?

    Нет таких.

  • Is there life after marriage?


  • Do you have a favourite joke? Tell us.

    При встрече)

  • Do you like dogs or cats?


  • Who or what do you hate?

    Всех люблю

  • The best thing in life is:


  • The most annoying thing in life is:

    Пытаюсь не расстраиваться

  • Is there anything around you that you would like to change?

    Все хорошо.

  • What would you like to change in yourself?

    Все устраивает.

  • What would you like to change in the world?

    Мир меняет человека, а не человек мир.

  • Can you give a few tips for photographers who are just starting out?

    Будь собой.

  • If aliens come to the Earth and you are the first person they meet, what will you tell them?


  • If you are called to shoot a movie, what genre will it be?


  • Tomorrow I will go and do...

    Уберу в квартире и завоюю мир!