MyWed Award 2023 Contest Results!

Ciao a tutti!
The decision-making days of the MyWed Award 2022 are over... We are overjoyed to lift the veil and announce the name of the winners: Photographer of the year 2023... 🥁 Alberto Cosenza (Italy) @albertocosenza 🎉
The Winning Series: Overthrowing 429 wedding stories submitted by the best-skilled photographers of the world, Alberto gets the Photographer of the Year title and incredible Nikon Z8 camera 📷 ! Congratulations! Finalists in the Photographer of the Year nomination:
● Alberto Cosenza (Italy) @albertocosenza 🏆
● Christian Macias (Mexico) @christianmacias
● Pierrick Roland (France) @pierrickroland
● Matteo Lomonte (Italy) @lomonte
● Federica Ariemma (Italy) @federicaariemma
● Sasha Titov (Georgia) @sashatit0v
● Deborah Lo Castro (Italy) @deborahlocastro
● Kristof Claeys (Belgium) @kristofclaeys
● Antonio Palermo (Italy) @antoniopalermo
● Fedor Borodin (United States) @fmborodin We would also like to mention the talented photographers who were a few points short of making it onto the list of finalists:
● Keko Rangel (France) @sergiorangel
● Gap Antonino Gitto (Italy) @gapgitto
● Artem Vindrievskiy (Russia) @vindrievsky
● Xavier Martyn (France) @martynph
● Claudia Corrado (Italy) @claudiacorrado
● Francesco Smarrazzo (Italy) @smarrazzo This year, we received 10 618 photos in the single shot nominations.
So, here goes the list of the winners in single shot nominations:
● Getting Ready – Alexander Ziegler (Germany) @spreeliebe
● Details – Paulo Pinto (Portugal) @paulopinto
● Wedding Guests – Alberto Cosenza (Italy) @albertocosenza
● Ceremony – Ufuk Sarışen (Turkey) @ufuksarisen
● Moment – Manuel Aldana (Guatemala) @manuelaldana
● Bridal Portrait – Stefano Roscetti (Italy) @stefanoroscetti
● Heroes of the Day – Julien Laurent-Georges (France) @photocamex
● Group portrait – Luca Fumero (Italy) @fumero
● Wedding Party – Yamil Calderon (Mexico) @yamil
● First Dance – Andrey Radaev (Russia) @radaevphoto
● The Bouquet Toss – Christian Puello (Chile) @puelloconde
● Cake Cutting – Antonio Palermo (Italy) @antoniopalermo
■ Final Frame – Artem Vindrievskiy (Russia) @vindrievsky
■ From A to B – Vahid Narooee (Iran) @vahid
■ Cinemaphotography – Fábio Santos (Portugal) @ponp
■ Discovering a Veil – Antimo Altavilla (Italy) @altavilla
■ Imperfect Beauty – Loic Bourniquel (France) @loicbourniquel
■ Nice Guys – Keko Rangel (France) @sergiorangel
■ Layers – Miguel Ponte (Portugal) @cmiguelponte
■ Paradoxes – Francesco Smarrazzo (Italy) @smarrazzo Each of them will receive $300 for their victory 💸 :) All winners and finalists will also receive our upgraded PRO+ account for the 12 months (until the next competition) as a gift 🎁
It allows you to soar above the rest of the photographers in the rankings and upload even more great photos and stories! We will contact each winner regarding the reward in the coming days. The complete list of winners and finalists is published on this page: Huge thanks to all 1426 photographers from 87 countries from all over the world who joined this adventure, and let's congratulate the winners!
Respect and hugs to each jury member for their brilliant work and involvement in the MyWed Award contest! Let's congratulate the winners!


Congratulations to all the winners !!
Bravo les photos sont juste magnifiques malgré 7 nominations pas de prix pour moi mais déjà très fier d'avoir été dans la short liste et ça me motive à faire encore mieux , bravo encore !!!
Congratulazioni a tutti e grazie mille ai giudici e a Mywed!
Thank you so much! Congratulations to all the winners.
It's an amazing feeling to be on this list, thank you! Congratulations to the other photographers!
I am honored and grateful to have won in the 'Bridal Portrait' category and to have two other photos ranked in the top 10! This recognition is the perfect gift to conclude the year.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
  • Photo 1
It's amazing for me to be in the list of 10! And I am so happy for Alberto Cosenza, I absolutely love his work. W la Sicilia! Congratulations to the other photographers!
From me personally, thank you very much for your story! It was 1 of my 3 favorites to win :) Awesome!
Thank you so much! I am so happy to know that!
for me – your story 1st to be honest:)
Winner story also masterpiece of stunning elegance.
So i’m really honored to be in one line with such a talented Seniors and Senioritas:)
Thx a lot and congrats to all winners
Thanks you so much! I loved your work too!
for me, this series is the ultimate champ among all the color ones out there. Don’t get me wrong, I totally dig the winner’s series, but hey, it’s all in black and white! And to me, that feels like a bit of a trick) Sure, not every pic is going to pop in black and white, and I get that it’s not a walk in the park to nail that style. But adding color just brings a whole new layer of life to the shots
Thanks Fedor, I really appreciate your message! I loved your work too! I found it elegant and intimate and you perfectly mixed colour and black and white.
Honored to be for this year in the top 10 of mywed. Happy for Alberto. I can not wait to participate next year.
Thank you so much for the recognition!!! I am truly happy to be able to win one of the categories once again :) Also, congrats to Alberto! What a feeling watching that story!!!
Wow! This a dream come true! Congrats to all! Greetings from Guatemala!! 🇬🇹 so proud of all!
I really don't know what to say!! Thanks to the judges, but above all thanks to the organizers of Mywed for the great work you do, and for giving us the opportunity to show our works.I'm really happy and proud! I still don't believe it!!Very happy to see so many other victorious Italians too!
Big congrats! This work is absolutely amazing, and I’m in love with its vibe – it’s exactly the kind of mood I adore. It’s got this unique, cinematic quality that just resonates with me. Kudos to all the winners and finalists as well – you’ve all done a fantastic job!
Thank you MyWed for Top 10 and congratulations to all the winners! 🏆💪🏆
Congratulation to all the winners and finalists.
I've seen so many good pictures.
my congratulations to all the winners and finalists) you are the best of the best!))
Congratulations to all the winners !!!!! 🥂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Estoy muy orgulloso de haber quedado finalista en la nominacion "mejores Colegas".
Muy agradecido a Sergey colorev y demás participantes del jurado. Felicitaciones a todos mis compañeros premiados 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
wow..... super happy. to be with you and have a photo in the top 10 with some incredible photographs.... congratulations to all, more than deserved
Grazie sono troppo felice un altro anno indimenticabile per me il mio studio.Complimenti a voi tutti 💯💯💯
Congratulazioni a tutti e soprattutto al vincitore! 💯🎉
Grazie a tutti dal profondo del mio cuore.
Complimenti a tutti, è un piacere partecipare ad un concorso così importante e per una volta essere tra i primi 10 con una foto mi incoraggia nel continuare a crederci !
Congratulations to all the winners well done.
Muy Feliz por 2 nominaciones en top 10, muchisimas gracias a jurado y mywed.
Felicidades a tod@s las ganadores!!
Congratulations to the winners and greetings to all participants !

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