MyWed Wedding Award 2023

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Meet the MyWed Wedding Award 2023 –’S NEW THIS YEAR:Photographers with PRO+ status will be able to submit 2 photos/series per nomination. PRIZES
The winner of the nomination for the best photoseries will get the "Photographer of the Year" title and a Nikon Z8 camera!
The winners of the MyWed Award single photo nominations will receive $300 each.
All the contest finalists (10 in each nomination) will receive MyWed Pro+ status for the next 12 monthsCOMPETITION STAGES
Acceptance of works: 10 September — 15 October
Short-list compilation: 15 October — 15 November
Evaluation of works by the jury: 15 — 30 November
Announcing the winners: 15 DecemberTHE CONTEST JURY MEMBERS:Daniele Torella (Italy) @danieletorella Dan Morris (United Kingdom) @danmorris Egor Zhelov (Russia) @zhelov Giandomenico Cosentino (Morocco) @giandomenicoc Jorge Romero (Мексика) @jaromerofotoManish Patel (India) @thetajstudio Tana Gon (Thailand) @tanagonValter Antunes (Portugal) @valterantunes Sergey Korolev (Russia) @mywedWe wish you good luck!


Great jury! Can‘t wait to enter my images.Only one little critique. Why is there the rule that only photos of the last two years are accepted for entries to the awards? This rule really is annoying as normally for contests the year of the image is not important. This rule is new? Isn‘t it? And it‘s also really unfair for everyone who deletes or changes the exif data for capturing date during jpg export. Also some countries had more problems with corona restrictions than other countries last year. Please think about this rule as it‘s not fair imho.
Because it's not interesting to read yesterday's newspapers :) Yes, some competitions do not limit authors to the date the photo was taken. And that is why I consider such competitions not worthy of attention :) But an Oscar or Palme d'Or cannot be awarded to a movie that was 10 years old :)
During the pandemic, we extended the photography period to 3 years
Oi, eu NUNCA tiro os dados EXIF das minhas fotos, porem elas são editadas nos programas LR/PS e talvez possa na exportação retirar esses dados, não sei. Faço o upload aqui no Mywed e na maioria os dados não aparece. Não sei o que acontece, porem eu tenho o RAW dos meus trabalhos. Achei um pouco injusto, afinal se elas receberam até emblema do proprio site, é meio injusto não poder entrarem... Me diga o que eu faço para que exiba os dados EXIF
We announced this rule last year, but canceled it due to complaints from photographers. Now, I think, enough time has passed since the last competition (a year and a half) for one to get used to not deleting EXIF data
oi tudo bem, gosta dessa plataforma Cris?
Como falei anteriormente eu NÃO EXCLUO nenhum dado e nem teria motivos e até tenho a foto em raw crua, porem algumas das minhas fotos no mywed não aparece e eu não sei por qual motivo. Afim de querer participar do concurso, posso republica-las. Mas como consigo que elas apareçam aqui com o EXIF?
Could you please send me links to such photos?… Inclusive acabei de republica-la e apareceu os dados nessa nova....
As far as I can see, everything is working correctly...
  • Photo 1
  • Photo 2
Could you send me a link to an old photo where the EXIF was not displayed?
O link acima é da antiga fto a qual não aparece, mas ela ganhou os 3 emblemas da MyWed, republiquei a nova e apareceu o EXIF
Thank you! I passed the information on to our programmers. We'll try to fix the problem tomorrow
We have temporarily lifted this rule, now this photo can be submitted to the competition
Entendi e respeito a regra, por isso afim de deixar tudo 100% certo, estou tentando vê por qual motivo não aparece o EXIF, nesse caso posso republica-las para tentar participar certo?
Entendi e respeito a regra, por isso afim de deixar tudo 100% certo, estou tentando vê por qual motivo não aparece o EXIF, nesse caso posso republica-las para tentar participar certo?
The 2 years rule is somehow also really problematic in terms of equality. Think about every femal photographer who gets a child. In germany we have 1 year of childcare time plus the time for pregnancy. Most female photographers stop their wedding business for 1,5-2 years and only shoot some family sessions during that time. I mean this rule is really problematic in my opionion. I talked to some other mywed photographers and all of them think this new rule makes no sense. I really like mywed as a platform and always recommended it to new photographers in business to promote themself but lately there is a glimpse of intransparency in your politics which a lot of photographers share but won‘t talk about as also it is not welcome to express criticism here. I really hope you guys think about my critique as this is a base for a good community. Even at fearless photographers free speech and honest critique is welcome. I hope you understand what I wan‘t to express and hope that you think about it. Best regards,
Unfortunately, this is our principled position. On the contrary, I dream of reducing this period to 1 year, so that only new photographs participate in the competition. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible
I have a question regarding EXIF rule. What happens to my rating if I delete and reupload the photos again?
Your overall rating will get worse when you decide to delete old photos and reupload them as every like, comment or editor's choice will count for your internal ranking. It's such a pity that this EXIF rule wasn't communicated visible before. I never read about it nor did some other folks in my network here. So all of your images without capture data in the exif data are not open to enter for the competition. I definitely accept the mywed teams decision. The only pity is that there was a lack of communication imho.
This rule was published during the previous competition, a year and a half ago. But due to similar complaints from photographers, we postponed it until 2023 🤷But OK, let's put it off until next year :)
It would be much easier if there were some pop-up message about EXIF when we upload photos.
But photos are uploaded not only for the competition :)
Hola amigos de MyWed!Me gustaría saber si una foto que ha ganado en el concurso del año pasado, puede ser enviada a participar nuevamente.Probé de subir la foto en cuestión y si me permitió hacerlo.Solo que no quiero infringir ninguna regla, por eso prefiero preguntarles. Muchas gracias por su ayuda! ☺️​
You can send it (there is no prohibition), but of course we will not select such photos for the shortlist, so it is pointless.
Oh! I see. Thank you very much for your quick response! :)
The photo I took were in 2022 but I didn't set the date on the camera so it shows up as 2000. How can I participate in the contest? thank you
Most likely, you have the wrong date set in your camera.
So how do I participate in the contest? tks
There is an overlap of dates:Acceptance of works: 10 September — 15 October
Short-list compilation: 15 October — 15 NovemberI can enter on the 15th of October. I am not sure what sort-list compilation means, but it starts the same date. If it begins in the morning of the 15th and we enter in the evening of the 15th, that is no problem I assume?
Yes, that's not a problem. We will accept works for the competition until the end of the day (October 15)

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