Family Award 2021 Contest Results!

We are happy to announce the results of our first MyWed Family Award!Sabine Doppelhofer wins the Best Family Photographer title with her remarkably touching and creative "Superhero" The project features a child, transforming into a superhero with the help of a simple piece of cloth given by his decedent grandmother.The "Love after the wedding" nomination’s palm tree is awarded to Roman Korolkov's series. Review the story of a couple in love walking along the cozy streets of Istanbul here: Roman himself claims that cats have nothing to do with it, but we know the truth 😼Thanks to the support of Canon, our partner, Sabina and Roman receive amazing prizes – EOS R6 cameras!HERE ARE THE WINNERS OF THE SINGLE-SHOT NOMINATIONS:PREGNANCY
Daniel Freitas (Brazil) @danielfreitasNEWBORNS
Valter Antunes (Portugal) @valterantunesSWEET AS HONEY
Antonio María Lopez Prieto (Spain) @antoniolopezCHILDHOOD AS IT IS
Aneka Schwerdtfeger (Germany) @nordsternFRIENDSHIP
Sabine Doppelhofer (Austria) @sabidoppelhoferCHILDREN AT THE WEDDING
Weixin Zhang (China) @topvisionTEENS
Joosje Janssen (Netherlands) @jnssnfotografieOUR FAMILY
Magdalena Mosler (Spain) @magdalenamoslerA PARENT’S LOVE
Adriana Costa (Brazil) @fhaigraFAMILY OUTDOORS
Andrey Kharchenko (Ukraine) @andrey84EVERYDAY LIFE
Donatella Barbera (Italy) @donatellabarberaPAWS, WINGS & TAILS
Mikhail Martirosyan (Russia) @martirozSee the complete list of winners and finalists in all nominations on the page dedicated to the contest: SO MUCH FOR THE GREAT EFFORTS OF OUR JURY MEMBERS:Katrin Küllenberg @kllenberg Viviana Calaón Moscova @vivianacalaonmMarisa Martins marisamartins.ptTheo Manusaride @theomanusaride Evelen Torrens Bolte @olivierbolte Kristof Claeys @kristofclaeysAdam Riley @adam-rileyWe would be happy to receive your feedback on the contest 🙏
Please express your opinion on whether we should hold further contests, the nominations to remove or add, and who you see on the jury board.
In general, any ideas on how to make it better.Thank you!


Congrats to all the winners and finalists! And thanks to the jury!
Enhorabuena a todos lo finalistas y Ganadores!
Muchisimas gracias al jurado!!
Y por supuesto a @mywed.
Congrats to all, awesome work! 👏👏👏
Grazie è un grandissimo risultato , ringrazio tutta la giuria e la staff di mywed.😗
Thank you so much @mywed and the jury! I still cant believe it, what a honor! Congratulations to all other winners and finalists!
Thank you Mywed and the jury. Estoy muy contento por la nominación! Muchas gracias al jurado y a @mywed ❤️
Great work many thanks to all the winners & many thanks to the jury!

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