MyWed updates: kids, family and portrait photographers!

Nope, this is not a joke. MyWed is becoming a website for not only wedding photographers but for family photographers as well!Do not scold us right now, just breathe out 🙂 This is a weighed decision that we made more than a year ago. Back then, we planned to release it in a year or two when MyWed would gain a critical mass of active wedding photographers in all countries. However, the coronacrisis has dramatically changed our plans, and we have decided to such a transformation now.There are several reasons for such serious changes, and it is hard to say which one is the most important:1. Diversification is for good. The year 2020 clearly demonstrated this to all of us. We've seen how quickly the wedding photography industry can collapse. Though the children, family, and vacation photography markets are growing annually and it would be foolish not to pay attention to it.2. Expansion of the site's specialization will allow getting away from the flawed model of “one-time” clients. A couple after having chosen a wedding photographer on MyWed, would more likely return for a maternity photographer first, and for a kids or family photographer later.3. Most photographers do not shoot only weddings. So having all their specialized portfolios united in a single profile on a website is convenient—it’s easier to update the portfolios and is more profitable financially (the PRO account will be applied to all specialities).4. Finally, we’ve got a little bit tired of weddings 🙂 We've already seen it all 🙂 It is a good time for MyWed to change and move on. And I hope we continue this journey together :)So, on your page, you can activate any of these categories:- Engagement
- Family
- Maternity
- Newborn
- Kids
- PortraitAfter the category activation, please specify your rate for this type of photography and upload at least 10 photos to make your portfolio visible in the directory of the category.You can hide a category if you find it unnecessary (all uploaded photos will be saved) and activate it when needed.Rating in each category is calculated separately from now on. It means that a photographer’s rating in the Wedding category does not influence their rating in the Kids category.In the photo feed you can now choose categories of your interest or leave the Wedding category only. In this case, the website will remain the same, the site of wedding photographers 🙂In addition, we have slightly updated the profile. Now you can see a photographer’s followers, and who he/she is subscribed to 😱If you've read this far, we don't even know ... It seems, you really love reading… Or us ... 🙂 But we definitely love you! 😍We were in a bit of a hurry, so probably, something won’t work or won’t work correctly the first time. We would be grateful if you write to us about it in this forum topic or on the feedback page – You would really help us by telling family or children photographers you know about MyWed 🙏


I think it's so okay, given the current pandemic situation. Good luck to us!
Amazing news! Good job, thank you!!!
Hey! It's a great news! I have a lot of photos to share with community. Thank you MyWed!
Thank you! We'll be happy to see them :)
I will give it a try. Good luck.
Good idea, thanks, and good luck to all!
Perfeito...diante da atual situação ..sem casamentos estamos com outros materiais .... excelente escolha .boa sorte a todos .....
Very good move especially during the pandemic!! Thanks so much, I do appreciate it
Achei muito interessante a idéia. Vou estar amadurecendo a idéia e tomar em breve as providências para me ajustar a essas mudanças. Parabéns pela iniciativa. Boa sorte para todos nós.
Great add on. Thank you for your work. In Portrait section can we upload fashion portraits too?
Yes, you can upload fashion photos too :)
Guys, that is all good news, but why I can't reorganize my pictures anymore? As the first four pictures are showing on the main page I'm super limited on what pictures to upload. Why?! Why would you do that?
Tomas, we've faced certain technical restrictions and had to disable the feature. We are going to turn it back on when we're done with the necessary fixes :)
Prima il portale aveva Matrimonio e Fidanzamento, ora pagando una quota per categoria posso aggiungerne altre tra queste elencate... ma il fidanzamento ora è a parte ( e quindi si deve pagare per poter mettere le foto ) o è sempre compreso come lo era prima ? GRAZIE
Micaela, for the moment, you can upload Engagement photos to the Wedding category, as it was before.
Hi guys! Having a hard time distinguishing between familly and children!
Same same! So uploading a family documentary photo with one kid is ‘children’ and with more then one kid belongs in category ‘family’? Do i understand this right?
Not certainly in that way. The rules of the "Family" section are as follows:"Photos from family photo shoots featuring relatives of DIFFERENT generations should be uploaded to this category."
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