MyWed Award 2019

Hello!The major annual international wedding photographers battle, MyWed Award 2019, is opened: year we have made a few changes:– The capital prize is the latest Nikon Z7 camera with Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S lens
– There is a new main nomination called the 'Moment' (instead of the 'Rings' category)
– The 'Heroes of the Day' nomination now accepts only the portraits of the bride and the groom together in the shot (meaning, they both must be present, not only one of them)
– The 'Family Portrait' nomination was renamed to the 'Group portrait'Competition stages
Acceptance of works: 9 August — 31 October
Short-list compilation: 1 — 30 November
Evaluation of works by the jury: 1 — 10 December
Announcing the winners: 20 DecemberParticipation fee
$45 is the fee to join all nominations.
Free for the MyWed Pro members: jury
The jury panel this year includes Pedro Vilela, Artur Voth, Sara Sganga, Richard Howman, Vinci Wang, Leonard Walpot, Misha Moon, Andreu Doz, Gustavo Liceaga and Luan Vu.Winners and finalists
The jury will select 10 finalists and 1 winner in each nomination.Prizes
The total prize fund equals $6 000.
The winners of the MyWed Award single photo nominations will receive $300 each.
The winner of 'The Best Wedding Story' nomination will get the title 'Photographer of the Year' and the Nikon Z7 camera with Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S lens.Rating
The results of the MyWed Award will have a strong influence on the rating of all photographers on MyWed as winners and finalists will receive notable rating points.Important issues to consider:
– Diptychs, as well as photos from workshops and staged events, are prohibited.
– A series may contain no more than 10 photos from your assistants.
– The series for 'The Best Wedding Story' category has to contain from 40 to 60 photos.
– Only those photos that were taken in 2018 – 2019 years are accepted. Only wedding pictures are to be submitted for single photo nominations, with the exception of the 'Engagement' category.
– You guarantee that you are the owner of the pictures. The owner of a photo is the person who held the camera and took the shot.
– If you want to send your photos to the contest, first upload them to your portfolio. Then open your portfolio page and hover the mouse over the photo you want to submit. Use the yellow popup button to send it to our jury.
– Find the full list of requirements here:…If you have any questions regarding the MyWed Award contest, you can post them here or send them at luck!

Rafael ramajo simón (rafaelramajosim) 4 weeks ago

tengo problemas para enviar las fotos, le doy al botón amarillo que aparece en cada imagen y no hace nada... no se si me he explicado bien.
Un salud y gracias!!!

Mywed Team (MyWedTeam) 3 weeks ago

Hola Rafael,Lo siento que tuviste unos problemas con MyWed.
Actualmente el problema sido resuelto. Si tienes otras preguntas escríbeme siempre!

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