Mirrorless at weddings - Whats your opinion? Z6 - Sony A73 - EOS R or Fuji ?

My Z6 arrived and is hands on – Who is using? Lets talk about experiences with new mirrorless at wedding, what you are using and your experiences.

Laurentiu Nica (laurentiunica) 1 month ago

Recently I switch from Nikon D750 and D800 to Sony A9 and my work is more easier, my bag has a less weight. And it fits on my documentary style, with silent shutter.

Vadim Fasij (noosee) 3 weeks ago

2 Years with A9 and one year with A7III and love them. would never go back to DSLR. Size , Weight, AF...

Mazel tov Studio (mazeltovstudio) 1 week ago

What about the picture quality ? Is it the same ? I have D810 cam with me right now. Shifting to Mirrorless will help ?

David Hofman (hofmanfotografia) 1 week ago

I hear about low light focus problems. Actually i got a Z6 and i'm adaptation. By the way I love my old D750. I am not sure to switch to sony.

Dimitri Raven (fotoclip) 1 week ago

I prefer reflex I will by this month Nikon D850

David Hofman (hofmanfotografia) 6 days ago

I solf my D850. i dont like for weddings iI prefer D750 and now I got one Z6.

Luca Gallizio (gallizio) 2 days ago

i have the Canon Eos R, and i think its a great camera, but it's mississing the second slot for the memory card. For the rest its really great! mirrorless is the future for sure.

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