Mirrorless at weddings - Whats your opinion? Z6 - Sony A73 - EOS R or Fuji ?

My Z6 arrived and is hands on – Who is using? Lets talk about experiences with new mirrorless at wedding, what you are using and your experiences.


Recently I switch from Nikon D750 and D800 to Sony A9 and my work is more easier, my bag has a less weight. And it fits on my documentary style, with silent shutter.
2 Years with A9 and one year with A7III and love them. would never go back to DSLR. Size , Weight, AF...
What about the picture quality ? Is it the same ? I have D810 cam with me right now. Shifting to Mirrorless will help ?
I hear about low light focus problems. Actually i got a Z6 and i'm adaptation. By the way I love my old D750. I am not sure to switch to sony.
Much better AF with Sony period, especially 3th gen and newer models. Low light depends, wide lenses have less trouble to focus in very dimmed light. So A7(R) is a good choice. Longer lenses have a harder time to lock focus quickly in very dark venues, so A9 would be your choice. Long story short A7 and A9 would be an awesome kit!
i have the Canon Eos R, and i think its a great camera, but it's mississing the second slot for the memory card. For the rest its really great! mirrorless is the future for sure.
David, I love to shoot with my Canon EOS R last year and I will stay from now on shooting mostly with it and slowly will shift to Canon RF lenses,
My mirrorless (FujiX) system is "50mm" I don't have in my Canon's DSLR set. It's a backup to my DSLR backup, sort of survival kit. So far it will remain to be this way. There are too much money was invested in lenses – 24l, 35l, 85l, 70-200l. I just don't want to waste time and money selling old stuff and buying new ones. The key point is I am enough confidence in the kit I have now not to move fully mirrorless. Which, from my point, is not there yet. Maybe few 2-3 more generations to "the ultimate camera" so too speak, meaning $5-7K from your pocket.
I used to have all Canon cameras, starting D20 (2003) and ending with 1Dx. Currently I'm shooting Sony (for last 4 years) A7R3, which is amazing. Eye focus is amazing. Just get Sony
I have the A9 and Olympus' EM1 and I prefer the EM1 for it's built quality.Was going to go back to Nikon but I see lots of Z series falling apart (rubber) to the point where lots of folks seem to be using covers for them (uh.. no)But the tech is solid.
Eye focus and silent shooting and size are my 3 fav things.
sto usando eos R e Sony a7III, sono fantastiche ciascuna a loro modo. Ho abbandonato del tutto le reflex. La messa a fuoco delle mirrorless, in generale, è molto piu precisa di qualsiasi altra reflex in commercio
I'm using eos r. And I'm very happy with it.
A7Riii and A9, perfect combo! Light weight, super fast AF, eye AF, crop function for R is convenient and much more benefits.
these two cameras are amazing and not comparable with the other brands. I was using canon then switch to fuji and Sony A7s but finally, the only camera could make me happy in all aspects was Sony 7Riii
I used to shoot with the Canon 5D MARK IV but last year I started using the EOS R and I'm very happy with it.
I shoot with Fujifilm xt3 and xh1! I think that there are the best for my type of photography! Prime lens are light and performers..
For my part, I use two Canon eos R since the 2019 season. I am happy with this choice. It is efficient, precise and lighter. The photo rendering is superb.
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I recently changed Canon 5Dmarkiii to Sony a73 and also I have Fuji xt3. First I noticed big time gap using Sony a73 with flash (GodoxTT685) that was almost fixed after I turned off redeyes correction and turned 2d curtain sinhronization. But I descovered another BIG problem – in low light (when need to use iso 2000-3000 or more) or in backlight there is huge problem with af – it can move few seconds and still cant get focus! I noticed it during lasts 2-3 weddings and today was doing photo of birth in hospital (low light) and was soo terrible that I couldnt belive. Canon 5dm3 was better, Fuji xt3 and even xt1 is much much better. Is it really so crapy and I can use my Sony only during daylight OR my camera with defect OR do am I doing smg wrong OR is it any hidden secret adjustment in menu that I need to find to fix it? Tested with both lense – Sony Fe 85 1.8 and Tamron 28-75 2.8 – same (maybe lense sony little bit better, but stil same shit actually)
It is different with EVF than with OVF indeed. Wider lenses should not be a problem, but longer lenses +50mm can struggle a little depending on your settings. A9 is much better with longer lenses. I use AF-C and flexibel AF point, no problems on the dancefloor with A7Riii + 16-35GM and a9 + 50/1.4ZAIn studio you could and should use AF-S with Live view effect off. The lens will open aperture to lock focus faster.
I shoot weddings with sony A7III and I could't choose better camera. Comapre to sony EOSR, sony do have in body stabilisation so I am able to push my shutter speed low in bad light condition. If you want o see some outcome:…
Hello everyone, Thank you David for your topic. Sorry for my english :-) I 'm a owner of fuji XT3 for 2 years, before I was on a Canon 5D3. I am happy to have this fuji in terms of ergonomics, weight (divided by 2 the weight of the cameras – lenses) and image rendering. The disadvantage perhaps of this fuji is in the low lights where we see that the noise is more present than the canon. I think all brands, all models have advantages and disadvantages, the main thing is that we are comfortable with our work tools, we like to see nice images and memories. :-) You can see some pictures below… Best regards.
I'm still using DSLRs but seeing other photographers using mirrorless and how these perform makes me want to switch. I really like the eye focus especially in low light where old school dslrs struggle.

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