Nikon Z6

Hi everyone. I recent bought one D850 to use with my old D750 and now I want to buy the new Z6. Anyone here in mywed has this camera?Whats your experience about it?
Your last camera before Z6?
Your experience with focusing with the ring adapter?
Only one memory card. What's your opinion?
Any extra information?

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Hi David, I have Z7 and before that I was using D750. With Z7 i still use my 24-70 mm 2.8 with the ring adapter. I don't have Z lenses, because I'm waiting to 24-70 mm 2.8 Z (can't wait! lol). I'm photographer, but I also do video. Z7 in my opinion has much worse auto focus then DSLR cameras, but it has a lot of advantages for video. That's why I think although it is not perfect, it has its advantages. Apart from slow auto focus, there is also one more very important thing that bothers me about Z7, when you make the photo you have a black screen for about one second between two pictures and it slows you down. It can be quite annoying. Hope this helps.
AH YES. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT. I believe that because it is a camera with a larger file, these focus problems really do. But as for the Z6 I already have the impression that the focus can be better with native lenses (Only those who actually used can confirm) Already with the adapter ring is a mystery even greater. In summary you said that your z7 with 24-70 and adapter has a much worse focus than the D750 with the 24-70 is not it?
I absolutely agree with you, I also switched as two months to z6 from D750. I confirm that Focus is much slower. I hope that the new update will fix everything.
You switched from D750 to Z7 or Z6?
Hi Alexander, thanks for your colabotarion. How its you experience about Z6? You used with native Z mount or Adapter, and what lenses?
Hi David.
I use both Z 24-70 f/4 and Adapter. It works exactly the same with both. I really like how the camera works, what I don’t like in this camera when shooting in low light, it’s hard to catch the focus on the subject. D750 Much better and faster.
Can any one please update on their experiences post the firmware update which was recently released for Z series ?
Hi, I switched from the D800 to the Z6 and I can't complain. The Z6 has perfectly accurate and fast focusing. I've completely gotten rid of messed up photos. The viewfinder is great too, you can see immediately what you are shooting. It's great.

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