I need your advices regarding wedding day

Hello guys! My name is Dina, and this year I gonna be not only a photographer, I gonna be a happy bride :)) Now I try to planing all wedding day and have some questions for you! Our wedding will be in a small chateau where all the guests will be accommodated. As this Chateau located near the mountains we want to have a photo session there and it's take around two hours. I want our guests not just waiting for us, I want to create some entertainment for them, but I don't know what it can be :) Maybe you can advice me some?)

Harold Lansang (harlansmultimed) 1 week ago

How about treasure hunt, on their way to the Chateau.or maybe surprising them about your wedding instead.
Like giving them an invitation with your name initials, and what to wear that day.
and the exact place (well, you just have to make sure they don't have any idea that its your wedding day)

Dina Deykun (Divarth) 1 week ago

thank you, but they already had invitations )))))

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