💸 Las MyVegas 💸 Win a Photo Album & MyWed Pro!

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!While our jury members are busy with choosing the nominees for the shortlist, why not play a game?At stake:💣 MyWed Pro subscription for 1 year 💣
And a Crystal collection photo album 30х23 with 25 spreads, provided by Absolutalbums.
: absolutalbums.com/catal…Your goal is to guess the name of the future Photographer of the Year (the Best Wedding Story nomination).How to enter the game:Just type the name and surname of the photographer whose photo series you like the most in the comments of this topic, like:
Maíra Erlich mywed.com/story/69485/The list of participants can be found here: mywed.com/story/award/
The first correct guess will be granted with a MyWed Pro subscription for 1 year.You have one attempt only to hit the 666 😈 jackpot!The comments are accepted till the 30th of November.Spin the roulette wheel!