MyWed Award 2018 Rumours

Top secret information, so please copy and share!Under the torture of wine and candies, one of the MyWed team members confessed that he knows the list of the eight additional nominations of the upcoming MyWed Award 2019.So here it is:1. Beauty saves the world!
The prettiest brides and bridesmaids2. The Colour's Speech
Photos with a distinct reigning colour3. Minimalism
The fewer details, the better4. Complexly Plotted Photo
Numerous plots running simultaneously in one shot5. The Dynamics
Grasp the motion by using a long exposure6. Connection
Photos that showcase the depth of a relationship7. Light of the Night
Night photos with lighting as the protagonist8. The Unexpected Twist
Unpredictability of the situation is the pivot of the imageBe sure to get ready for the biggest wedding photographers' contest.
The thrilling battle will soon commence!

David Hofman (hofmanfotografia) 2 weeks ago

Wow amazing. This is what we are waiting for.

Wojtek Hnat (wojtekhnat) 1 week ago


Vasyl Balan (elvis) 1 week ago


Christelle Rall (christellerall) 6 days ago

Where can I find the rules for the contest?

David Hofman (hofmanfotografia) 6 days ago

I think next wee Chris, they gonna run the rules and the Judges for the contest. :D

Peppo Palomino aragón (peppopalomino) 2 days ago

How nice we are waiting anxiously...

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