MyWed Award 2017 Results Published

Dear MyWedians,The time has come to announce the winners of the MyWed Award 2017 competition.
Our jury can confirm that it was a sharp fight and tough choices have to be made ¯\_(ツ)_/¯We congratulate Ken Pak who is the Photographer of the Year 2017. His trophy is Nikon D5 provided by the Nikon company.And now let's shift the spotlight towards the single shot nominations winners:Engagement – Jorge Romero
Getting Ready – Gustavo Liceaga
Details – Vormkrijger Be
Wedding Guests – Soven Amatya
Ceremony – Andreu Doz
Rings – Aleksandr Vasilev
Family Portrait – Roman Matejov
Heroes of the Day – Egor Zhelov
Wedding Party – David Hofman
First Dance – Alejandro Gutierrez
The Bouquet Toss – Jorge Romero
Cake Cutting – Soven Amatya
Gadgets – Pablo Macaro
Camera Angle – Vinci Wang
Moment – Arjan Van Der Plaat
Framing – Vinci Wang
Recognizable World's Places – Aleksey Malyshev
Traditions – Rino Cordella
Rotated Photographs – Ilya Rikhter
Higher and Higher – George StanThe winners of single shot nominations will receive $300.
We will contact them regarding the reward in the coming days.The list of winners and finalists is published on this page: to everybody who took part in the contest and congrats to the winners!
Greetings & hugs! : )


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