WedTrotter – Top Wedding Photographers Documentary Series

Curious to learn about the inside job of highly awarded wedding photographers from around the world? Check out WedTrotter – Top Wedding Photographers documentary series, created for photographers and couples about to get married.WedTrotter is an exciting journey through 12 countries on 4 continents, unveiling the inside job of world's top wedding photographers: ups and downs, funny moments and real-life struggles for creating the perfect shot. Protagonists: Marius Bărbulescu, Pedro Cabrera & Andrea Giraldo, Isabelle Hattink, William Lambelet, Cafa Liu, Segun Olotu, Cristiano Ostinelli, Ken Pak, Christelle Rall, Citlalli Rico, Ufuk Sarisen, Vinci Wang, Cătălin Anghel.
Website: tip: The documentary producer & pilot episode protagonist Catalin Anghel will host a free webinar on October 18th, 11 A.M. E.S.T.: "An Event Photographer's Secrets Unveiled". You can register here:…


Anghel Brothers Production launches an independent documentary series: WedTrotter, created by Cătălin Anghel and Adrian Anghel. The series is created for wedding photographers and couples who are about to get married, as well as for all photographers and travel enthusiasts. The pilot episode of the series will air in early 2018.The WedTrotter project is a captivating journey spanning from Romania to 12 countries on 4 continents, on the tracks of famous wedding photographers who have achieved international success and have many awards. Each episode of the series features a wedding from a particular culture, where a WedTrotter protagonist has the role of the main photographer.The team has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to attract the necessary funding to carry out this independent project and calls all interested readers to join the campaign through the Kickstarter page:…The campaign for raising the necessary funds for developing the project takes place between October 17th and November 30th 2017. Join it to support the project!

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