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Hey, everyone!
Welcome to the MyWed Forum!We've been working hard on surprising you and making MyWed your second home :)
And since today here, on the MyWed Forum, you can enjoy threads of several types:
- “Talks” where you can chat on any topic you like.
- “Photoshoots” where you can share non-wedding & wedding pictures and let others discuss them.
- “News” from the MyWed team.
- “Events”- announcements categorised by type. Please post your event topic according to the appropriate type, like a webinar, a contest, a trip, or so on.Please be aware that only users with a confirmed mobile phone may create topics & share comments in our Forum. Remember as well to keep the post content to the point according to its title.
We would also like to ask you to be polite with each other and respect opinions of others.
If you feel a topic or a comment possesses an offensive or suspicious nature, please bring it to the attention of our moderators at hello@mywed.com.It's highly desirable that you write your posts and comments in English or Spanish – our moderators will be very grateful for that!
We hope you'll enjoy the features of our Forum and find it useful. Share, comment & be merry!

Anderson Pires (andersonpires) 1 year ago

Congratulations for the initiative! I believe in individual growth through collective experiences!

Jose antonio González tapia (JoseAntonioGon) 1 year ago

Muy bien chicos, todo un acierto!!!

Eligio Galliani (galliani) 1 year ago

Parabéns pela iniciativa!

Sucevic Photography (2bphoto) 1 year ago

This is great :) Now I love mywed even more...

Zakir Hossain (zakir) 1 year ago


Bea Cabrera (beaphotography) 1 year ago

This is Awesome guys!!Thank you so much! <3

Leonardo Robles (leonardo) 1 year ago

excelenteee felictaciones !!

Alexandre Wanguestel (alexwanguestel) 1 year ago

Muito bom! Obrigado.

Mario Hernández (mhfotobodas) 1 year ago

Buenísimo felicitaciones!!!

Andrei Vrasmas (vrasmas) 1 year ago

Hey guys !!I want you to comment a little bit about my after wedding pictures:)tell me your impressions

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Mywed Team (MyWedTeam) 1 year ago

Hello, Andrei, this topic is devoted to the Forum itself. If you want to receive feedback, please create a "Photoshoot" topic, and other photographers will happily discuss your photos. If you have a question to the MyWed editors team, please see the topic named "Small Talk with the MyWed Team": mywed.com/forum/104509/…

Jorge Matos (JorgeMatos) 1 year ago

Excelente !!!

Eder Acevedo (eawedphoto) 1 year ago

Nice, I am glad that you created a forum, this way the community can exchange more and more ideas..!!

Iyao Sy (shutteringhearts) 1 year ago

Awesome on the new forum! Can't wait to share ideas with tons with great photographers around the globe

Caly Rodríguez (CalyRodriguez) 1 year ago

Muchas gracias por la invitación!! Un abrazo todo el equipo de Mywed!!

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David Hofman (hofmanfotografia) 1 year ago

go go go forum. Its an amazing that this forum comes global.

Yos Harizal (yosrizal) 1 year ago

thanks very much

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Tan Karakoç (ilkay) 12 months ago


The forum is available to MyWed photographers only.