Nikon's 100th Anniversary Contest

As you might have already noticed, Nikon together with the MyWed community runs a wedding photography contest:'s an international wedding photographers contest set to celebrate Nikon's 100th anniversary. To join the race, a photographer has to have an approved MyWed account. If your account is approved by our moderators, simply go to the contest page and submit a photo by clicking on the“Participate” button. The competition runs for 100 days this summer & autumn and each new day brings a new topic. The photographer with the best results for all contest days will receive the Nikon DF camera provided by the Nikon company. The winner of each stage will receive the Pro account for a year.Only photos made with Nikon cameras can take part in the competition. Please note that the submitted photos should preserve the EXIF data. If you can't see your photo on the contest page, it may mean one of the three things: your photo is not yet approved by our moderators because it's recently uploaded, your photo doesn't contain the EXIF data or your photo wasn't shot with a Nikon camera.Our advice is to make sure that your Photoshop & Lightroom export settings are adjusted so that they do not erase the EXIF data.
We wish you good luck and lots of fun & inspiration!

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David Hofman (hofmanfotografia) 9 months ago

Very good!!! I love this contest and the categories!

Mywed Team (MyWedTeam) 9 months ago

and we wholeheartedly wish you good luck!

Mywed Team (MyWedTeam) 9 months ago

In case you have any questions about the contest, please feel free to contact us!

David Hofman (hofmanfotografia) 9 months ago

Ok thanks. I am trying so hard to win but i know there are so many imagem better than mines. I think should have a especial flag for contests and more of this diferent contest around the year.

Christian Oliveira (christianolivei) 9 months ago

Wonderful! Contest that comes to promote a fantastic gallery of incredible photos !!! Congratulations Mywed team

Mywed Team (MyWedTeam) 9 months ago

Thank you!

Mywed Team (MyWedTeam) 8 months ago

Hey there!We are ready to announce the winner of the Nikon's 100th anniversary contest. The photographer who won all hearts and the Nikon DF camera in addition is Massimiliano Magliacca –…We heartily congratulate our winner and thank all other participants. It was a marvellous adventure that all members of MyWed can share today as a collective memory!Greetings to all of you once again and ... gear yourselves up to other exploits to be announced soon!

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