Photographers in Ho Chi Minh: wedding photography

The best wedding photography in Ho Chi Minh is versatile and ingenious, and it takes one's breath away: a professional photographer shoots weddings and offers studio photography to couples. A photographer covers a bridal shower, a wedding promenade or a surprise proposal in the Saigon Botanical Gardens, Rin Rin or Vinhomes Central parks. Elopements and betrothals with photographers in the Bamboo and Binh Quoi villages are rather tricky occasions due to the rural environment but they bring splendid results.

The indicated wedding photography price is average, so contact a wedding photographer to specify the cost of your photo shoot. Delight in seeing the pictorial artistry of any photographer!
  • Charge per hour
    280  USD
  • Photographer's language
    Simplified Chinese2
    Traditional Chinese1
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