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With a professional wedding photographer in Stockholm found on this website of the best wedding photographers, all at a price worth the money, your wedding photo shoot is half settled. Could it be easier?
Each photographer is admirably aware that your photos are not just pieces of art, but a key part of your new family history. So, after a studio photography session, explore the city itself: for instance, Gamla stan is a colourific medieval island a photographer can exploit for your images. Or you may go for the Djurgården which is endowed with secluded areas if that is more significant to you and the photographer. For a touch of royalty in wedding photography, visit the Drottningholm Palace.
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    • Wedding69
    • Couples1
    • Maternity1
    • Newborn0
    • Kids1
    • Family2
    • Portrait2
  • Charge per hour
    0 450  USD
  • Photographer's language
    Any language
    • English61
    • Swedish57
    • Russian9
    • Ukrainian5
    • Spanish4
    • Finnish4
    • Norwegian3
    • Czech2
    • German2
    • French2
    • Danish2
    • Indonesian1
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  • Tanya Borodina (photoborodina)
    Tanya Borodina photoborodina PRO Will arrive from: Copenhagen, Denmark
    Last seen 45 minutes ago
    Tanya Borodina (photoborodina)
    Beauty will save the world Copenhagen, Denmark 320 USD Tanya Borodina +46 73 886 23 07
    320 USD per hour
    5 hours minimum
  • Ksenia Chugaida (kseniach)
    Ksenia Chugaida (kseniach)
    Hi, I'm Ksenia! MY PASSION IS TO CREATE SOULFUL IMAGES FOR PEOPLE IN LOVE, IN PLACES THAT MAKE THEM COME ALIVE. I’m a photographer for modern romantics around the world: couples who want their celebration to be full of beauty, artistic details, meaningful luxury, and to be completely unforgettabl Stockholm, Sweden 175 USD Ksenia Chugaida +46 76 565 53 43
    175 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Serg Cooper (scooper)
    Serg Cooper scooper PRO Will arrive from: Copenhagen, Denmark
    Last seen 2 hours ago
    Serg Cooper (scooper)
    I create beautiful photo stories of your life! I like catching emotions, your happiness, and an atmosphere. I have the second photographer and videographers in my team. Visit my website Book your date! Copenhagen, Denmark 140 USD Serg Cooper +45 91 10 22 32
    140 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Jarda Zaoral (jarinek)
    Jarda Zaoral jarinek PRO Stockholm, Sweden
    Last seen 3 days ago
    Jarda Zaoral (jarinek)
    Every wedding and couple is unique. My photography tells their stories. Would you like to hear more about my work? A picture is worth a thousand words so I rather let my photography talk. Any more questions? Book a free consultation with me on Zoom! Stockholm, Sweden 190 USD Jarda Zaoral +46 70 566 96 54
    190 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Nathalie Malic (nathaliemalic)
    Nathalie Malic (nathaliemalic)
    Hi! My name is Nathalie Malic, I'm a photographer from Stockholm, Sweden. Been working as a wedding photographer for 8years. I'm also an interior photographer. Stockholm, Sweden 190 USD Nathalie Malic +46 70 791 46 33
    190 USD per hour
    3 hours minimum
  • John Hellström (johnhellstrom)
    Last seen 2 hours ago
    John Hellström (johnhellstrom)
    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I'm a father, husband, and Swedish Champion in wedding photography. I can guide you to the hidden pearls of Stockholm, capture your story and unique moments, create cinematic drone images, design bespoke albums, and wall arts. Welcome to contact me today! Stockholm, Sweden 295 USD John Hellström +46 73 366 86 00
    295 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Erik Nordin (erinor)
    Erik Nordin erinor PRO Stockholm, Sweden
    Last seen 3 weeks ago
    Erik Nordin (erinor)
    We serve authentic, lively couples and specialize in small, intimate weddings. With us, you get no empty words, phrases, or clichés, no posed or stiff occasions. Also no musts or pointers. But of course, encouraging words, warmth, and coaching if and when it´s needed. Looking forward to meetin you! Stockholm, Sweden 250 USD Erik Nordin +46 70 091 67 43
    250 USD per hour
    5 hours minimum
  • Sofie Selling (sofieselling)
    Last seen 6 hours ago
    Sofie Selling (sofieselling)
    Romantic, timeless and genuine. I capture your wedding day in photographs and film, anywhere in the world. I help my couples get comfortable in front of the camera so they can focus on having the best day of their lives. I'm looking forward to hear from you! Stockholm, Sweden 295 USD Sofie Selling +46 72 975 51 54
    295 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Jonas Norén (jonasnoren)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Jonas Norén (jonasnoren)
    Jonas Norén got his first camera when he was 4 years old and somewhere there the interest in photography awoke. But it would take another 25 years before the interest picked up and some form of regular photography came to fruition. Stockholm, Sweden 225 USD Jonas Norén +46 70 342 70 74
    225 USD per hour
    6 hours minimum
  • Maria Siray (mariasiray)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Maria Siray (mariasiray) Stockholm, Sweden 250 USD Maria Siray +357 97 686964
    250 USD per hour
    3 hours minimum
  • Irish Perkesh (perkesh)
    Irish Perkesh perkesh PRO Stockholm, Sweden
    Last seen a month ago
    Irish Perkesh (perkesh)
    Look through the lens! Stockholm, Sweden 215 USD Irish Perkesh +46 73 725 42 50
    215 USD per hour
    11 hours minimum
  • Svitlana Sushko (claritysweden)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Svitlana Sushko (claritysweden)
    Rain or sun, snow or dark clouds, in the forest, on the top of a mountain or in the middle of big city - we love it all on your wedding day! We are two photographers at Clarity Sweden and we love weddings with all our hearts. We capture the day with its raw emotions - much tears and laugh usually Stockholm, Sweden 445 USD Svitlana Sushko +46 73 980 98 97
    445 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Anette Bruzan (bruzan)
    Anette Bruzan bruzan PRO Stockholm, Sweden
    Last seen 3 weeks ago
    Anette Bruzan (bruzan)
    Anette Bruzan, is an award winning talented Sweden-based wedding photographer, shoots straight from the heart. Her love for artistry, the outdoors, and weddings is visible in each and every photo she captures. Stockholm, Sweden 355 USD Anette Bruzan +46 70 810 44 01
    355 USD per hour
    3 hours minimum
  • Leon Jiber (jiberweddings)
    Last seen a month ago
    Leon Jiber (jiberweddings)
    I seek to find the balance between the planned and the spontaneous, as it´s important for me to tell the honest story of the couple's wedding day. I do both photo and film as one person. Stockholm, Sweden 160 USD Leon Jiber +44 7411 405544
    160 USD per hour
    7 hours minimum
  • Liam Warton (liamwarton)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Liam Warton (liamwarton)
    Modern, creative, authentic wedding photography for the untraditional. Named one of 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography in the world by Rangefinder Magazine, New York. Stockholm, Sweden 330 USD Liam Warton +46 76 591 32 40
    330 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Anne Ling (anneling)
    Anne Ling anneling PRO Will arrive from: Tallinn, Estonia
    Last seen 1 week ago
    Anne Ling (anneling)
    Elegant, natural and timeless wedding photography. ISPWP AWARD '18 and FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS AWARD '19 winner. I'd love to hear about you and your event! Please feel free to contact me for further information. Tallinn, Estonia 110 USD Anne Ling +372 5629 6939
    110 USD per hour
    6 hours minimum
  • Elina Nomade (nomadphotography)
    Last seen 4 days ago
    Elina Nomade (nomadphotography)
    Availability: NO JULY. Stadshuset weddings are possible August and onwoards. Last minute june - maybe. Some dates n/a, but can try. PM. I ACCEPT 2023 WEDDING SEASON STARTING FROM JANUARY 2023 ONLY. Not 10/12h weddings. Stockholm, Sweden 120 USD Elina Nomade +46 76 254 51 38
    120 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Karolina Ehrenpil (ehrenpil)
    Last seen 2 weeks ago
    Karolina Ehrenpil (ehrenpil)
    I always look for good light, delicious coffee and the moments in between. I am fascinated with human connection and I love to travel the world. Stockholm, Sweden 345 USD Karolina Ehrenpil +46 73 505 99 93
    345 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Anna Ejemo (annaejemo)
    Anna Ejemo annaejemo PRO Stockholm, Sweden
    Last seen a month ago
    Anna Ejemo (annaejemo) Stockholm, Sweden 295 USD Anna Ejemo +46 72 355 07 99
    295 USD per hour
    6 hours minimum
  • Linda Otterstedt (lindaotterstedt)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Linda Otterstedt (lindaotterstedt)
    Hello there! I'm a Swedish photographer who's been living around the world for 20 years. I would love to capture your story on your wedding day together with you. It's an amazing day that you will never forget and I will be there to document it with you, for you. BTW I love dogs. Do you? /LINDA Stockholm, Sweden 425 USD Linda Otterstedt +46 70 586 88 55
    425 USD per hour
    3 hours minimum
  • Jessica Valerian (valerianphoto)
    Last seen 1 day ago
    Jessica Valerian (valerianphoto)
    Stockholm Wedding Photographer | From Bali to Stockholm with love! Timeless and cinematic weddings are my virtue. I'm dreaming of an awesome couple from around the world celebrating love, and life together! | Visit for more love stories. Stockholm, Sweden 350 USD Jessica Valerian +46 70 021 41 32
    350 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Frida Furberg (fridafurberg)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Frida Furberg (fridafurberg)
    A warm, cozy and joyful third wheel that pep you and helps you relax and have fun during the photo session. I love details and being able to tell the story of your big day. After 10 years as a wedding photographer I know what to do. I travel to wherever you get married! Stockholm, Sweden 250 USD Frida Furberg +46 72 548 21 52
    250 USD per hour
    5 hours minimum
  • Lena Popova (lpopova)
    Lena Popova lpopova PRO Stockholm, Sweden
    Last seen 5 days ago
    Lena Popova (lpopova)
    No stress and easy going cheerful wedding and family photographer!) More than 8 years of work in Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine, Switzerland, Cyprus and other countries) Stockholm, Sweden 255 USD Lena Popova +46 79 307 06 07
    255 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Tanja Ferm (tanjametelitsa)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Tanja Ferm (tanjametelitsa)
    Destination Wedding Photographer based in Sweden taking romantic, light and passioned photos. Feel free to contact me. I speak English, Russian and Swedish Stockholm, Sweden 295 USD Tanja Ferm +46 70 436 19 52
    295 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Hannah Shar Ipa (anirrash)
    Last seen today
    Hannah Shar Ipa (anirrash) Stockholm, Sweden 160 USD Hannah Shar Ipa +46 73 064 67 07
    160 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Alesia Lessa (alesialessa)
    Alesia Lessa (alesialessa)
    My name is Alesia, I am a professional wedding & portrait photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. My photography is about fragile moments and charming love stories, with warm, magical, enveloping light. Stockholm, Sweden 200 USD Alesia Lessa +46 76 589 57 47
    200 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Kim Marklund (kimmarklund)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Kim Marklund (kimmarklund)
    Professional third wheel! I am a bundle of energy who loves the creative process and meeting people from all over the world. My main focuses are weddings, families and couple sessions :) With my energy and your love, I'm certain that we will create magic! Stockholm, Sweden 260 USD Kim Marklund +46 70 751 57 41
    260 USD per hour
    3 hours minimum
  • Josef Peyre (josefpeyre)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Josef Peyre (josefpeyre)
    With 15 years of experience in first documentary photography and then fashion photography, it became natural for me to start capturing weddings. My goal is to capture true moments that contain elements of authenticity while still being visually beautiful. Stockholm, Sweden 270 USD Josef Peyre +46 73 969 80 36
    270 USD per hour
    6 hours minimum
  • Ricardo Antunes (myspecialday)
    Last seen 4 weeks ago
    Ricardo Antunes (myspecialday)
    Wedding Photographer & Videographer 📸 🎥 Based in Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪 Destination Weddings 🌍 Stockholm, Sweden 250 USD Ricardo Antunes +46 76 260 48 10
    250 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Mocanu Bogdan (bogdanmocanu)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Mocanu Bogdan (bogdanmocanu)
    Hello, I am Bogdan. I photograph happy people and couples since 2008. Even though I did my studies in IT, I followed the path of visual art. This flow has taken me to where my passion for photography has become a way of living. Stockholm, Sweden 250 USD Mocanu Bogdan +40 741 376 447
    250 USD per hour
    3 hours minimum

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