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As spouses sweep each other off the feet on the wedding day, Reykjavik's charm carries everyone away. Say "I do" at the Hallgrímskirkja church, the national Icelandic monument, while a wedding photographer immortalizes the act.
A photographer in Reykjavik, though offering the best price for studio photography, aims at taking snapshots across the Faxaflói bay. The land of ice and fire is a dream for professional photographers with its bewitching scenery, nonpareil architecture and city escapade spots. For instance, a photographer is delighted to perpetuate Harpa Concert Hall in wedding photography. A wedding photo shoot at the Reykjavik Botanic Garden is another alternative for a photographer.
  • Photographer's speciality
    • Wedding14
    • Couples2
    • Maternity0
    • Newborn0
    • Kids0
    • Family0
    • Portrait0
  • Charge per hour
    150 505  USD
  • Photographer's language
    Any language
    • English14
    • Polish6
    • Russian2
    • Ukrainian2
    • Icelandic2
    • Estonian1
    • Italian1
    • German1
    • French1
    • Hungarian1
    • Dutch1
    • Finnish1
  • Mait Jüriado (mjstudios)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Mait Jüriado (mjstudios)
    Hello, my name is Mait Jüriado. My award-winning, unique style has lived up to my goal, which is to deliver and exceed the wishes and expectations of my clients everywhere in the world. I have the honor of inviting you to make the best investment and write me your this year's most important request. Reykjavik, Iceland 470 USD Mait Jüriado +372 521 9880
    470 USD per hour
    4 hours minimum
  • Bettina Vass (bettinavass)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Bettina Vass (bettinavass)
    Hey! Please email me at Thank you and talk to you soon. :) Reykjavik, Iceland 450 USD Bettina Vass +354 845 6400
    450 USD per hour
    4 hours minimum
  • Izabella Borycka (iboryckaphoto)
    Last seen 5 hours ago
    Izabella Borycka (iboryckaphoto)
    Let’s create beautiful memories together! Reykjavik, Iceland 190 USD Izabella Borycka +354 775 6110
    190 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Michalina Dzianach (reykjavikphoto)
    Last seen 1 week ago
    Michalina Dzianach (reykjavikphoto)
    Exclusive Local elopement photographer. Your personal guide and friend in one. Based in Iceland. for bookings Reykjavik, Iceland 500 USD Michalina Dzianach +354 670 4909
    500 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Olga Shevchenko (shev4enko)
    Last seen 4 days ago
    Olga Shevchenko (shev4enko)
    My photography focuses on catching the incredible moments that ones encounters in life. And I sincerely hope that you will give me the opportunity to capture your life events whether it be a simple day, small cherished moments or your incredible love story. Reykjavik, Iceland 160 USD Olga Shevchenko +354 767 8485
    160 USD per hour
    5 hours minimum
  • Lisa McWhirter (mcwhirter)
    Last seen 1 day ago
    Lisa McWhirter (mcwhirter)
    “Booking a photographer across the world was scary, but Lisa made us feel comfortable right away” -Kirstie. If you've ever considered eloping to Iceland but don't know how to make your elopement a reality then look no further! Adventure elopements, proposals, engagement photos and anniversary pic Reykjavik, Iceland 500 USD Lisa McWhirter +358 40 5942919
    500 USD per hour
    4 hours minimum
  • Michał Zieliński (mishamartin)
    Last seen 3 weeks ago
    Michał Zieliński (mishamartin) Reykjavik, Iceland 155 USD Michał Zieliński +354 830 0909
    155 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Kaja Balejko (kajabalejko)
    Last seen a month ago
    Kaja Balejko (kajabalejko)
    Every time I blink I fall in love with people, places, moments. Based in Iceland, lucky enough to call this island my home, I travel around the world to capture your engaging stories. Not to make life look more beautiful, but to show its own beauty, mesmerized by its simplicity. Reykjavik, Iceland 225 USD Kaja Balejko +354 779 4456
    225 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Leszek Nowakowski (leszeknowakowski)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Leszek Nowakowski (leszeknowakowski)
    I take photographs of people among epic Icelandic landscapes.
    Reykjavik, Iceland 190 USD Leszek Nowakowski +354 775 1830
    190 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Serg Kuperson (sergkuperson)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Serg Kuperson (sergkuperson)
    I will be happy to capture the happy moments of your life. My photos and video packages are pretty affordable. Shooting with a drone. See more information on my website. Ask any questions. Book your date. Reykjavik, Iceland 160 USD Serg Kuperson
    160 USD per hour
    3 hours minimum
  • Mathias Brabetz (mathiasbrabetz)
    Last seen a month ago
    Mathias Brabetz (mathiasbrabetz)
    Hi! My name is Mathias and I´m a professional wedding photographer based in Austria. However I work all across Europe and especially my love for Iceland and it´s unique landscape is deep. Reykjavik, Iceland 365 USD Mathias Brabetz +43 664 2172884
    365 USD per hour
    5 hours minimum
  • Lisa Digiglio (lisadigiglio)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Lisa Digiglio (lisadigiglio)
    Portraits are my passion. I love cats and chocolate. I dream of traveling around the world, even in more than 80 days. I'm an incurable romantic. Reykjavik, Iceland 315 USD Lisa Digiglio +354 768 6476
    315 USD per hour
    4 hours minimum
  • Kinga Stempkowska (kingastempkowska)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Kinga Stempkowska (kingastempkowska)
    I tell stories about love by photographs. Tell me yours and let`s create something beutiful together. I am intrested in true stories, real people, moments and emotions. Everyone and every love story is unique and and it turns me on. ;) Reykjavik, Iceland 155 USD Kinga Stempkowska +48 601 459 699
    155 USD per hour
    6 hours minimum
  • Darya Gribovskis (dariatym)
    Last seen 4 days ago
    Darya Gribovskis (dariatym) Reykjavik, Iceland 160 USD Darya Gribovskis +354 780 3758
    160 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
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  • Heida Hb (heidahb)
    Heida Hb heidahb PRO Kópavogur, Iceland
    Last seen a month ago
    Heida Hb (heidahb) Kópavogur, Iceland 290 USD Heida Hb +354 820 7540
    290 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum

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