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  • Manos Skoularikos (skoularikos)
    Last seen today
    Manos Skoularikos (skoularikos)
    I used to have a hobby since I was little: the curiosity of observation. I always loved to observe people, their surroundings and fill my eyes with pictures and colors. 
And this simply because a thousand words, emotions, smells as well as melodies can fit into a photograph. Athens, Greece 210 USD Manos Skoularikos +30 694 435 6180
    210 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Themistocles Kaltsidis (themistocles)
    Last seen 2 weeks ago
    Themistocles Kaltsidis (themistocles)
    Top 10 wedding photographer in the world for 2020. 2nd best cinematographer and editor in Greece. 32 international awards since 2019 Santorini, Greece 360 USD Themistocles Kaltsidis +30 695 141 4035
    360 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Nikos Anagnostopoulos (nikosanagnostop)
    Last seen 4 weeks ago
    Nikos Anagnostopoulos (nikosanagnostop)
    Unique & Authentic Photography for Couples in Love Naxos, Greece 230 USD Nikos Anagnostopoulos +30 697 833 4293
    230 USD per hour
    5 hours minimum
  • George Liopetas (georgeliopetas)
    Last seen a long time ago
    George Liopetas (georgeliopetas)
    Life is better when we have a purpose, something interesting to look forward to when you wake up, every single day. Being a romantic soul and getting inspired by people's feelings, photography gives me that sense of purpose. Míkonos, Greece 230 USD George Liopetas +30 698 107 5677
    230 USD per hour
    5 hours minimum
  • Anton Yulikov (yulikov)
    Anton Yulikov yulikov Malé, Maldives
    Last seen 5 hours ago
    Anton Yulikov (yulikov)
    I am an international wedding and travel photographer. I ' ve been working as a photographer for more than 13 years. I speak about love in the language of photography honestly and frankly to the uttermost. And what is said by me stays for centuries in your wedding books. Instagram @yulikov Malé, Maldives 200 USD Anton Yulikov +7 921 741-13-33
    200 USD per hour
    6 hours minimum
  • Polka Dot Photojournalism (polkadot)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Polka Dot Photojournalism (polkadot)
    Destination wedding photographer based in Greece, available in Europe & worldwide. Míkonos, Greece 175 USD Polka Dot Photojournalism +30 698 007 9777
    175 USD per hour
    3 hours minimum
  • Yiannis Sotiropoulos (iwannhsswthropo)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Yiannis Sotiropoulos (iwannhsswthropo)
    I like to capture unique moments in every wedding and use my camera to reveal each couple's story through real moments and authentic feelings. Míkonos, Greece 280 USD Yiannis Sotiropoulos +30 694 752 3583
    280 USD per hour
    4 hours minimum
  • Apostolos Sahas (apostolossahas)
    Last seen 2 weeks ago
    Apostolos Sahas (apostolossahas)
    Started photography quite young and ever since, I feel in love with it. I have studied Restoration of Antiquities, dark room techniques, color management and Wedding Photography seminars. I am a father of two little girls, I like to play music, travel and capture unique stories through Photography. Míkonos, Greece 220 USD Apostolos Sahas +30 697 756 6915
    220 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Maria Markaki (mariamarkaki)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Maria Markaki (mariamarkaki)
    Hi Im Maria! I would love to capture your special day in Mykonos and create images that embrace your love. My images are emotional and romantic.
    Míkonos, Greece 220 USD Maria Markaki +30 693 673 0761
    220 USD per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Yiannis Tepetsiklis (tepetsiklis)
    Last seen 5 days ago
    Yiannis Tepetsiklis (tepetsiklis) Míkonos, Greece 175 USD Yiannis Tepetsiklis +30 694 624 1956
    175 USD per hour
    3 hours minimum
  • Katerina Daktilidi (daktilidi)
    Last seen a month ago
    Katerina Daktilidi (daktilidi) Míkonos, Greece 230 USD Katerina Daktilidi +30 694 565 2834
    230 USD per hour
    0 hours minimum
  • Christos Mavraganis (mavraganis)
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  • Elena Laskaris (laskaris)
  • Last seen a long time ago
    Ιακωβος Μαυρος (mmavros1962)
    Syros, Greece 185 USD Ιακωβος Μαυρος +30 694 288 9888
    185 USD per hour
    3 hours minimum
  • Valentina Gagarina (valentinag)
    Last seen 2 weeks ago
    Valentina Gagarina (valentinag)
    Hello, world! I'm a wedding photographer. I love what I do. People tell me I'm good at it. Always in a positive mood, with a sence of humour, I'm trying to turn a wedding photoshooting into a relaxing, fun activity, without putting unnecessary stress on the couple. Naxos, Greece 230 USD Valentina Gagarina +30 699 443 4090
    230 USD per hour
    3 hours minimum
  • George Sfiroeras (georgesfiroeras)
    Last seen a long time ago
    George Sfiroeras (georgesfiroeras)
    Sometimes The Heart Sees What Is Invisible To The Eyes. Naxos, Greece 230 USD George Sfiroeras +30 693 836 6370
    230 USD per hour
    4 hours minimum
  • Kostas Mathioulakis (mathioulakis)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Kostas Mathioulakis (mathioulakis)
    My first interest, is to create a strong relationship with my customers, I want to understand what exactly they want, to invade in their inner world and with the help of my camera to capture their strongest moments. Moments full of emotion, moments that every couple wish to last forever. Naxos, Greece 230 USD Kostas Mathioulakis +30 697 833 0950
    230 USD per hour
    4 hours minimum
  • Last seen 2 days ago
    Πέτρος Κονδύλης (pk-photography)
    As a professional wedding photographer, I have a great honor not just taking photos, but create them. Being able to see and experience unique moments with couples and their families, is a precious gift. Capturing authentic emotion is a dream come true. I have always wanted to capture souls. Naxos, Greece 230 USD Πέτρος Κονδύλης +30 694 882 8222
    230 USD per hour
    3 hours minimum
  • Last seen 2 weeks ago
    Xrisovalantis Simeonidis (xrisovalantissi)
    My name is Xrisovalantis Simeonidis and I have been working as a wedding photographer for over a decade. I am based in Naoussa on the Greek island of Paros, which is in the Cyclades, and where most of my wedding projects have taken place. Paros, Greece 230 USD Xrisovalantis Simeonidis +30 694 550 4285
    230 USD per hour
    6 hours minimum
  • Nektarios Maniatis (nekmaniatis)
    Last seen 6 days ago
    Nektarios Maniatis (nekmaniatis)
    Visual storyteller cover your wedding everywhere . Thank you for viewing my work. I look forward to answering any questions you may have! Paros, Greece 265 USD Nektarios Maniatis +30 697 728 0441
    265 USD per hour
    6 hours minimum
  • Michael Salis (michaelsalis)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Michael Salis (michaelsalis)
    Every wedding is a story, a unique story that deserves to be told and remembered in an honest and authentic way. As your Wedding Photographer I strive to tell this story through images that capture the essence of the day. Paros, Greece 210 USD Michael Salis +30 693 202 0021
    210 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum
  • Nikos Efstratiou (cicada-studio)
    Last seen a long time ago
    Nikos Efstratiou (cicada-studio)
    It is your wedding day & your love story and I will be there to make pictures of a lifetime! Paros, Greece 225 USD Nikos Efstratiou +30 698 938 5198
    225 USD per hour
    2 hours minimum

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