Best Wedding Photographers in France

The country of France is home to the most extravagant and splendid gardens in the world, thanks to its royal history, and choosing a wedding photographer in France is an excellent opportunity to see them. A photographer will know the locations and angles to create your ideal wedding photography – the best professional photographer will even ask if you have a certain idea in mind.
A photography studio is also a great choice if you desire a more simplistic and reserved set of images; French photographers can cover many styles. However you choose to look on your wedding day and whichever location you plan to visit, a wedding photographer will capture the best of you and the best of France.
  • Photographer's speciality
    • Wedding1081
    • Couples26
    • Maternity19
    • Newborn6
    • Kids8
    • Family21
    • Portrait25
  • Charge per hour
    0 620  USD
  • Photographer's language
    Any language
    • French975
    • English609
    • Russian109
    • Spanish95
    • Italian36
    • Ukrainian27
    • Portuguese16
    • German14
    • Polish12
    • Romanian8
    • Vietnamese7
    • Dutch6
    • Simplified Chinese5
    • Arabic5
    • Turkish3
    • Lithuanian2
    • Czech2
    • Traditional Chinese2
    • Thai2
    • Hebrew2
    • Latvian1
    • Hungarian1
    • Danish1
    • Indonesian1
    • Japanese1
    • Tagalog1
    • Armenian1
    • Persian1
    • Serbian1
    • Kurdish1
    • Malagasy1
    • Moldovan1
    • Albanian1

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