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Nhiếp ảnh gia Adrian Kraska

Rzeszów, Ba Lan 

5 năm trên MyWed
Tôi có thể nói anh, ba lan
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/c96WIU5HQkCRwN0hECN7c6kXxOYPW1vMueINig4T6mBCu3d6wrmqd8JmZR0l3M44caK2ajAmPnAysxTq5sJ3O8xX Rzeszów, Ba Lan 250 PLN Adrian Kraska +48 784 093 590
  • Trước tiên - ai là người bạn cho là tốt nhất nhiếp ảnh gia trong Rzeszów, Ba Lan? :)

    I think there is no one good answer. They are a couple of guys who took photos which I like, with a little different style but, still amazing for me.

  • Bạn có ăn ảnh không?

    Definitely not.. I like taking photos of myself and my fiancee, especially on private tours, but I know how I'm looking at them. Maybe not like a monster heh, you can see that in my profile photo, but not as good as I could (want) :) Definitely I'm much more happy shooting photos of another people.

  • Bạn bước chân vào nghề chụp ảnh như thế nào?

    When I was a teenager my hobby was photography, because always there were analog cameras in my family, my brothers loved taking family pictures so I could use their equipment and also get addicted with it. While for them it remained in the hobby zone, for me it became a way of life and I decided to tie my future with photography. Not only with wedding photography, but mainly. Why weddings? I love to have contact with people, making new relationships, and I believe I'm doing something important for them. Something more important for bride and groom than for other clients while making another product pics for their company. For bride and groom my photo story of their wedding day will be a keepsake for life. They will watch them for decades, they will show them to their children and grandchildren. That is freaking awesome.

  • Theo ý kiến của bạn, những thành phần nào là quan trọng nhất của một bức ảnh đẹp?

    A couple of things are important for me. Firstly, it must look natural. Not every person is a photo model and know how to pose, so it is common that I must lead them. The trick is to make them look natural in the picture. Secondly, shoot the photo in right moment. Thirdly, show what you want at this photo in attractive form, it requires experience and good taste to know how to do it.

  • Bạn có yêu thích du lịch không?

    Yes, I do :)

  • Điều bạn thích nhất trong nghề của mình là gì?

    Independence. I do what I love and present events in my own way. I travel around the country, Europe, I meet new people all the time. And they pay me for it. What more could you want?
    PS. And – guess what – no one will fire me.

  • Điều bạn không thích nhất trong nghề của mình là gì?

    All summer weekends busy. You need to plan your vacation 2 years ahead, and you usually don't have time for it in summer time.

  • Tương lai của nghề chụp ảnh sẽ như thế nào?

    I think that the only thing that will change is the equipment on which we work and the quality of photography. I hope that the rest will remain unchanged. Of course, everyone has their own style, new photographers are constantly appearing with new ideas, but it was and always will be.

  • Bạn có chuyên môn đặc biệt về thể loại ảnh nào?

    As I said before, for bride and groom my photo story of their wedding day will be a keepsake for life. They will watch them for decades, they will show them to their children and grandchildren. That is awesome.

  • Thái độ của bạn trước những lời phê bình như thế nào?

    Positive criticism teaches. I have no problem with it.

  • Có bất kỳ xu hướng nào trong ngành nhiếp ảnh không?

    Yes, and they change over time. Something that was trendy 10 years ago today is not trendy anymore. Tomorrow trendy will be something else. I focus on natural photos in the best possible quality, I believe that such photos will always please the eye, regardless of the prevailing trends.

  • Khách hàng nên có tiêu chí nào để lựa chọn nhiếp ảnh gia?

    They should like his style and work. You can't expect from a hired photographer to take photos completely different from what he presents in his portfolio.

  • Cần tránh những điều gì khi chụp ảnh?

    I believe that professionals know how to behave during a photo session. I do.

  • Những chi tiết nào thường bị bỏ qua mà một nhiếp ảnh gia lại để ý?

    First of all, by pressing the shutter button the photographer knows what the final effect will look like. For outsiders, what a photographer does is not always obvious. So they need to trust him. A photographer's innate or learned asset has always been to see details that others did not pay attention to. It is important in our profession to have this skill.

  • Cái gì ảnh hưởng tới giá trị của một tấm ảnh? Giá trị gồm các yếu tố nào?

    Quality, attention to detail, natural appearance, an original way of presenting a given situation.

  • Theo ý kiến của bạn người nào có thể là biểu tượng của thế kỷ 21?

    In photography? To be honest, I have no opinion about this. There are many talented people, I do not want to judge someone better than others just because this person's style suits me best.

  • Bạn muốn chụp ai?

    First of all, people who want to be photographed and appreciate my work and style. Happy people.

  • Bạn có bất kỳ điều gì cấm kỵ trong nghề nghiệp không?

    No. I took photos in very... very different situations. A good photo will be a good photo, no matter how, when or where it was taken.

  • Bạn thích chụp ảnh cùng ai?

    I'd love to meet many photographers, not just one. I don't have one favorite. I like to gain new experiences and get to know other people's point of view, so the more photographers I meet in my life, the better for me.

  • Bạn lo lắng điều gì, và tại sao?

    Now? I'm a bit hungry, I'm going to eat something; P

  • Khoảnh khắc ấn tượng nhất trong đời bạn là gì?

    My life was strewn with logs thrown at my feet. Sooner or later most of the wonderful moments were paid for with negative events. Such a bad luck in life. That is why I do not look back, just look to the future.

  • Nếu bạn là một nhân vật trong một bộ phim hoạt hình, một cuốn sách hay một bộ phim thì bạn muốn là ai và tại sao?

    Confusion of Sid from Ice Age and Dr. House.

  • Bạn định nghĩa thành công là gì? Bạn đo lường thành công như thế nào?

    Appreciating your work in your industry. Financial stability. Happy family. All at once.

  • Bạn muốn được yêu thích hay được tôn trọng?

    Both. If I had to choose, I would choose respect.

  • Sai lầm lớn nhất của bạn trong công việc là gì?

    Restrictions and, consequently, the slowdown of my professional career by orders or bans of the person whom I thought was most important for me. Advice? If you surround yourself with people who don't support you but limit you, change the environment. As quickly as you can.

  • Khi đi du lịch, bạn mang theo những thứ gì và tại sao?

    My other half, because it's brighter together. A phone with a good camera, because the best camera is the one you always have with you.

  • Có bất kỳ thứ gì mà bạn ước mình đã không mua trong số các thiết bị của bạn không? Tại sao?

    No, I carefully analyze all purchases, I don't buy unnecessary items. Especially things that will not fulfill their task.

  • Bạn tự học cách chụp ảnh như thế nào?

    I watch the work of others to get inspired, I'm reading about new products and trends, and above all, I pick up the camera and take more pictures. Experience is the key.

  • Tác phẩm của ai gây ảnh hưởng nhiều nhất với bạn khi làm nhiếp ảnh gia?

    Photographers' works, which left much to be desired in my and other opinions. They taught me what not to do.

  • Có điều gì bạn ước mình đã biết khi bắt đầu chụp ảnh?

    Learning is the key. Learn much. There are many photographers with weak technical skills. Be better. Find your style. Always try to take better pictures. Do not give up. Accept criticism. And above all, respect yourself and your work. Photography is a great profession, but there are many talented photographers, so you will have to work hard to stand out.

  • Bạn muốn nói điều gì với những tấm ảnh của mình?

    I want people watching them to have a smile on their faces. The message depends on the type of photography. In wedding photography I want to give my clients the best story of their most important day in their life.

  • Động lực nào khiến bạn tiếp tục chụp ảnh?

    Many things like the opportunity to see more great places and meet many more great people. The obvious motivation is to be better and, one day, the best in my profession.