Hawaiian wedding

07.02.2015 Ханалеи, Соединенные Штаты
Well, I first chose only unposed pictures, but then decided to add 2 portraits of the bride and groom to add some tenderness. Caption for the story: Maui, Hawaii. Groom and Bride were both born at Hawaii. Their family and friends arrived from all over USA and Hawaii islands. Ceremony took place at the spiritual Vortex – place, where cosmic energy with intense vibratory levels flow. The energy travels in spirals through the vortex, helping to harmonize your body and soul. So it was very important to make this first aerial shot in the morning to show this spiritual place, while bride and groom were enlighten with harmony and love vibrations. In the morning groom and grooms mates drove to the forest to cut bamboo for the wedding arch. Well, they pretty much improvised with the design and let it look natural. Groom also has to do by himself headpiece of haku flowers and greenery for the bride. All the wedding day I could feel atmosphere of love and all-around aloha. Fire hula hoops, hula dancers, tasty Poke and Laulau with local freshly brewed beer made it fun party until late night!
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Марио Салливан (rikos) 4 года назад

Атмосферно очень!

Анна Миронова (annamironova) 4 года назад

Очень интересно смотреть,на едином дыхании!

Тоня Труцько (toniatrutsko) 4 года назад

интересно! и репортажка крутая !

Анастасия Андросова (Androsova) 4 года назад

Классная репортажка! Чувствуется атмосфера)