28 mm
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Катя Мухина (lama) 1 неделю назад

usually it's not that elementary to make this type of shot to outcome great. the secret is in the way the groom holds the light with a source of the continuous light (here I had Profoto B10 with me) – little adjustments can help to control the shadow on his face. Also, it is also important how the groom and the bride tilt their head. And lastly the viewpoint of the photographer will make all your efforts work or not.

Катя Мухина (lama) 1 неделю назад

Captured at the island of Oahu, Hawaii, USA. Waikiki beach pre wedding photography. Canon EOS R + Canon RF 28-70 F/2 L USM.

Марк Бастен (MarkBasten) 1 неделю назад

хороший кадр

Алексей Василевский (Vasilevskii) 1 неделю назад

Обожаю виды ночного города:)

Яков Куницын (mightymassa) 1 неделю назад


Екатерина Уторова (utorovakate) 1 неделю назад