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Fotógrafo Dan Fedez

Cabo San Lucas, México 

3 anos no MyWed
Eu falo espanhol, inglês Cabo San Lucas, México 215 USD Dan Fedez +52 33 1106 7173
  • Em primeiro lugar - quem é para si o melhor fotógrafo em Cabo San Lucas, México? :)

    There are some really good photographers here, each one with it's own style.

  • Você é fotogénica(o)?

    I usually look better on the othe side of the camera haha

  • Como se iniciou na indústria da fotografia?

    Had the opportunity to work with a company that does lifestyle photography, after a year I jumped to wedding photography with them and 1 year later I decided to work by myself.

  • Em sua opinião, quais são os componentes mais importantes para uma boa fotografia?

    Good lightning, being able to control the light is key.

  • Gosta de viajar?

    Of course, who doesn't! That's actually what approached me to photography! You will see a lot of traveling photos as well on my social media.

  • O que mais gosta na sua profissão?

    For the wedding couple there's always the doubt of how are the photos going to be, but looking at their reaction and excitement once they see them it's one of things to feel thankful for.

  • O que menos gosta na sua profissão?

    Bridezillas haha or sometimes the maid of honor. I know, I know; they want everything to be perfect on the big day, but hey, you have to trust me on this one, let the art behind the lenses flow!

  • Qual será o futuro da fotografia?

    Hopefully better and better photographs, there's a little bit of doubt about photography and the upcoming technology, but I think the artsy element it's always going to be human, no matter what.

  • O que há de especial para si, no género de fotografia em que se especializou?

    It's more intimate, you get to know real people and as a photographer you have to become one with the wedding itself. Achieve that connection with groom and bride and also the guests.

  • Como lida com as críticas?

    Photography as an art has been always very subjective, but there's something no one can deny; a good photo is a good photo! Even if you can't explain it. Also in photography you never stop learning, so I don't take criticism too serious, just take the best part of it and forget the rest!

  • Existem tendências na fotografia?

    Yes, the same as any other style of photography or even art; there's always gonna be tendencies, some may follow them, some may not and some may create them.

  • Quais deveriam ser os critérios considerados pelo cliente na escolha de um fotógrafo?

    Read the bio, see their pictures and see if you really feel identified with that specific photographer, remember; is the best day of your life!

  • O que não é permitido de todo ao fotografar?

    Not to be open to suggestions, I've seen a lot of photographers mounted on their egos, shooting their own style not paying attention to what the couple wants! Big mistake!

  • Que detalhes passam habitualmente despercebidos mas nos quais um fotógrafo repara?

    It's hard to be in different places at the time, it's always good to count on a second camera to get that little details that can be missed for a bit of a sec while doing the "important shot".

  • O que influencia o valor da foto? Quais são os seus elementos?

    Laughs, reactions, true feelings, a good photographer is able to capture the essence of the moment!

  • Na sua opinião, que pessoa poderá ser o símbolo do século XXI?

    We live in an era of super individualism, anyone doing a little bit something for the goodness of everyone is a symbol!

  • O quem pretende fotografar?

    Any couple in the search of genuine photographs, that ones that comes easy for everyone as there's a connection between couple and photographer.

  • Tem tabus profissionais?

    Photoshop. To make a photograph look the way it is "supposed to be" instead of showing the real thing!

  • Com quem gostaria de fotografar?

    I think Jim Carrey is one of the most interesting persons in the world, for me he sees life through different eyes than the average person.

  • Com que se preocupa e porquê?

    Sometimes technology can play tricks on you or even betray you, but as long as you are well prepared, there's nothing to worry about.

  • Qual foi o momento mais impressionante na sua vida?

    The present! I've always been to "easy going" to worry about the past, or future, just try to relax and enjoy the moment!

  • Que personagem animada, literária ou de um filme gostaria de ser? Porquê?

    Probably a captain of sci-fi movie, imagine to see all the stars and constellations and galaxies through that perspective.

  • Quem o inspira na sua vida e porquê?

    Michael O'neill is one of my favorite photographers, he have had such amazing opportunities to shot super interesting people like Orson Welles, Steve Jobs, Scorsese and many Master Yoguis.

  • Como define o sucesso? Como o afere?

    Success is achieve your purpose, one step at a time. That your couples likes and thank for your work, that's how you know you've made it correctly!

  • Gostaria mais de ser amado ou respeitado?

    It's easy to get liked, but not that easy to get respected. So to achieve that is the measure of it.

  • Quando vai viajar, o que leva consigo e porquê?

    My camera, is part of the essentials! Like; wallet, keys, camera, cellphone, right?

  • Está arrependido de ter adquirido algum dos gadgets que possui? Porquê?

    Not a single one, I do a lot of research before buying anything, smart purchases!

  • Como aprende a tirar fotos melhores?

    Getting inspired by other photographer's work and some self-criticism.

  • Qual é a coisa que mais gostaria de ter sabido quando começou a fotografar?

    How to pay taxes! Hahaha isn't this one of the things that they never teach in school and are so necessary for the adult life?

  • O que pretende transmitir com as suas fotos?

    "I was the happiest person that day" is what I like for my clients to feel when they see their pictures.

  • O que o motiva a continuar a fotografar?

    Trying to get everyday, improving my style, get happier clients.

  • Os seus pais deveriam ter sido mais ou menos rigorosos?

    As kids we never truly understand why our parents do the things they do. And then one day the phrase "you will understand when you are older" makes sense.

  • Se pudesse regredir no tempo, o que faria de diferente?

    Probably being more risky in certain moments of my life but I'm pretty happy and thankful for where life has get me to.

  • O que pensa da vida nos outros planetas?

    I think it's very selfish to think that we are the only ones in such a big universe.

  • O que faz nos seus tempos livres?

    I see a loooot of movies, I like to analyze the photo, the lighting, the music, also I'm a lo into coffe culture which is really interesting.

  • Qual é o seu lado que o público nunca vê?

    I think as myself as a truth person. I don't think I have a dark side or anything like that, what you see is what I am!

  • Quando é que fica completamente satisfeito com o seu trabalho?

    I'm pretty satisfied with it most of the time, but there's always that little something that can be done better, but being conscious about is what allows us to get better.

  • Acredita nos papéis tradicionais reservados ao homem e à mulher?

    Love is love right?

  • Faz amigos com facilidade?

    Yessss! In weddings I like to think I am just another guest but with responsabilities haha.

  • Onde gostaria de viver?

    By the beach, defenitely! "En el mar la vida es más sabrosa" is a saying we have in México which could be translated to "Life is better by the sea".

  • Qual foi a coisa mais estúpida que concordou em fazer?

    I once was asked (I would say forced) to dance part of the vals with the bride as the brother ran away to the bathroom. The family was super funny and it was a good memories for everyone I guess.

  • Existe vida depois do casamento?

    Yes! party never ends!

  • Gosta de cães e gatos?

    I like both, but I would say I'm more a dog person, even if I don't own one!

  • A melhor coisa na vida é:

    Family and friends! and coffe! What would life be without them, right?

  • A coisa mais irritante na vida é:

    Did I already say how much I hate to get my taxes done?

  • Existe algo em seu redor que gostaria de mudar?

    I would like people to be more conscious about the environment!

  • Se fosse chamado para fazer um filme, que género escolheria?

    Action genre of course, it must be completely fun!