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Fotograf Ken Pak


Widziano 4 godziny temu

Waszyngton, Stany Zjednoczone PRO

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  • Czy jesteś fotogeniczny/fotogeniczna?

    I never thought I was photogenic and never wanted to be photographed, however, I look pretty cute in the photos from my early childhood.

  • Co sprawiło, że zajmujesz się fotografią?

    It was a pretty natural transition for me becoming a wedding photographer as many of my friends were getting married when I started taking photos. Because of this, I never attended my friends' weddings as a groomsman or guest. Rather, I always photographed their weddings.

  • Jakie twoim zdaniem są najważniejsze czynniki decydujące o dobrym zdjęciu?

    Although most of photographers would talk about light, composition, creative approach, subject, emotional impact & etc. as vital components of a good photo, I think preparation for the day and understanding of the flow , environment and subject would help yielding a good photo. Although there are moments I take photos with anticipation, however, I love when I get good photos without anticipation.

  • Kochasz podróże?

    Yes, I love traveling for the photo projects including weddings, fun activities, personal inspiration by the life of the other side of the world, and to see the family (I am from South Korea).

  • Co najbardziej lubisz w swoim zawodzie?

    Photography career can be highly rewarding. I feel truly blessed when I receive compliments and appreciation from the happy clients and people.

  • Co najmniej lubisz w swoim zawodzie?

    Dealing with difficult personalities and awkward characters can be most challenging to me. However, I would rather stay positive and supportive to those nature.

  • Jaka będzie przyszłość fotografii?

    For the next 5 years, another convergence of the medium will be coming like stills will be culled from 8k video footage. After another 5 years, I am pretty sure that there will always be needs for wedding photography regardless of the medium convergence.

  • Co wyróżnia rodzaj fotografii, którym się zajmujesz?

    In technical term, I believe wedding photography can be practised as the collaborative work of wide range of photography types and styles. In human life, it is one of the greatest lifetime celebrations among families and friends, and I am so glad that I can capture many different levels of emotional impacts.

  • Jak radzisz sobie z krytyk?

    I would rather be modest and listen to the criticism if it is the matter of your growth and development process in your photography career and human relations. If you stay honest, humble and positive, there will be lesser criticism.

  • Czy w fotografii panują jakieś trendy?

    Yes, there are trends in wedding photography just like fashion industry, however, I also see there is a range of diversity in wedding photography trends depending on traditions, lifestyle, regions & etc.

  • Jakie kryteria powinien przyjąć klient przy wyborze fotografa?

    As a person photographing someone's lifetime event, trustworthy, fun and flexible nature in my personality come highly valuable and appreciative among my clients and people in the industry.

  • Co jest absolutnie niedozwolone podczas sesji?

    Unprofessional, snobbish & egoistic manner in professional & personal aspects.

  • Jakie zwykle niezauważane szczegóły może uchwycić fotograf?

    Artistic & creative approach. Also, freezing the moment, framing & composition.

  • Co wpływa na wartość zdjęcia? Jakie są jego składowe?

    Cherishing the memorable moments and people from generation to generation (or among generations). Also, capturing and archiving the history of person's life.

  • Jaka osoba może być twoim zdaniem uznana za symbol XXI wieku?

    Big brothers in media.

  • Kogo chcesz fotografować?

    I would like to continue photographing weddings, however, it will be interesting to photograph traditionally unique weddings in remote area not affected by the western culture.

  • Czy masz zawodowe tabu?

    I would not want to spoil those wedding photographer wannabes. It takes so much of professional practice, thinking, attitude, training, study and experience. Don't believe in yourself as a professional shooter by just buying a good camera and shooting a few of your friends weddings.

  • Z kim marzy ci się fotografować?

    If I get a chance, I would love to shoot with those pulitzer winners who have not shot the weddings before. Also, shooting a wedding by side of any big names in the industry will be my great honor.

  • Co cię martwi i dlaczego?

    Bridezilla and Groomzilla. Depending on the situations, people with difficult & demanding personalities to accommodate can be a real challenge. Also, theft and robbery (although I have not experienced before) during the sessions in uncontrolled areas. Being sick can be another big worrisome.

  • Jaka była najwspanialsza chwila w twoim życiu?

    Three of my most tearful moments showing my love to my parents. I cried so much at the airport when I saw my dad leaving the state after seeing my college graduation (He supported me for 7 years in US for my high school and college, and returned to Korea permanently). I cried so much when I hugged my parents during my wedding ceremony. I cried so much when my dad was being cremated after the funeral ceremony.

  • Gdybyś był/była postaci z kreskówki, książki lub filmu, kto by to był?

    I would love to be Iron man, just to simply get the aerial shots. Also, seeing myself in the Iron man armor which is retrofitted with multiple super cameras will be amazing!

  • Kto inspiruje cię w życiu i dlaczego?

    Jesus Christ who keeps me being a better person.

  • Jaka jest twoja definicja sukcesu? Co jest jego miarą?

    In human perspective, if I have six good men who can carry my coffin at my own funeral, I consider that as a successful life. In business perspective, if I have no haters and no debt, that will be a successful life.

  • Wolisz, aby cię lubiano czy szanowano?

    I would rather be liked.

  • Jaki był twój największy bąłd zawodowy?

    Encountering a media failure by using cheap media card.

  • Co zabierasz ze sob w podróż i dlaczego?

    I will take my free & open spirit with me to enjoy the true traveling experience. If it is allowed, then I would love to travel with my wife and son. Of course, a small travel camera will definitely be accompanied with me.

  • Czy masz jakiś gadżet, zakupu którego żałujesz? Dlaczego?

    Lytro Illum camera. I never use it. Is there anyone who is interested in this camera? ;)

  • Jak uczysz się robić lepsze zdjęcia?

    I try to read/watch/visit photography related or partially related magazines, books, movies, videos (I love watching K pop music videos to learn techniques), art galleries/museums & etc. From these experiences, I love incorporating my new ideas and creative thinking in the actual shoots by hopefully getting faster spontaneous responsiveness to the moments. Also, I go to conferences and seminars, and get connected with a wide range of cool photographers from different parts of the world. Also, I shoot together with a few of my local photographers time to time for cross-inspiring and training purposes at the real weddings.

  • Czyje prace miały na ciebie największy wpływ jako na fotografa?

    Hmmm... I would say photographers in WPJA Winners Collections, Fearless Photographers Award Collections and ISPWP Award Collections have influenced me the most. I am sorry to tell you that I love all the winners, not the single one, as I admire their work so much! Also, I give a full respect to those photographers who push themselves to the infinity over creative limits.

  • Czy jest coś, o czym warto byłoby wiedzieć, zaczynając karierę w fotografii?

    I really wish I knew a real good mentor when I started taking photos. I have had neither a mentor nor had worked for a studio during my photography career. Also, I did not have any good friend photographers until I met most of them during the past 1.5 years.

  • Co chcesz przekazać poprzez swoje fotografie?

    They are fun, animated, compassionate, witty, unique, hardworking, modern, artistic, imaginative, quirky, and yet most importantly, story telling with my true spirit.

  • Co motywuje cię do dalszej pracy w fotografii?

    My family the most. Also, undiscovered world of photography intrigues me to challenge myself in the upcoming future. Accolades can be bonus.

  • Uważasz, że twoi rodzice powinni byli być bardziej czy mniej surowi?

    Less strict. Matter of fact, my mom bought me my first point-n-shoot camera when I was the fifth grade. They are always supportive and respectful to my decision, but I had to be very responsible to my decision.

  • Mając możliwość cofnąć się w czasie, co być zrobił/zrobiła inaczej?

    I would go to a renowned college of art to inspire myself with in-depth fine art. I studied Environmental Science instead. Also, I would continue playing badminton, so I could have competed in Olympics (one of my teammates from the same school team won a gold medal in Atlanta Olympic games).

  • Co myślisz o życiu na innych planetach?

    I am going to ask God about it.

  • Kto jest twoim bohaterem/bohaterką?

    Whoever influences me to become a better person.

  • Do kogo nie żywisz szacunku?

    People who commit sins without repent afterwards.

  • Co robisz w czasie wolnym?

    Planning something ahead that would or would not happen, but it is always fun to do it. I do normal things that the normal people would do during the spare time.

  • Jakiego aspektu twojej osobowości nie ujawniasz publicznie?

    When I am doing post production work at home, I am normally in underwears as it happens to be very comfortable and free to myself.

  • Kiedy twoja praca w pełni cię zadowala?

    When I hear back from my clients with lots of compliments and appreciation after they get the final release. Also, accolades are bonus to my satisfaction, but I consider myself always being in learning curve.

  • Czy wierzysz w tradycyjne role mężczyzny i kobiety?

    Yes, I am in terms of marriage and family, however, roles are always subject to change based on the modern lifestyle. As long as we love each other, traditional roles are not biggie in our lives.

  • Czy łatwo się zaprzyjaźniasz?

    Yes, however, it can take significant amount of time to become their best friends. I would rather be their best friends than making them my best friends.

  • W jakim miejscu dobrze by ci się mieszkało?

    I would like to live in one Korea upon unification of North & South Korea. Other than US and Korea, I would also consider living any parts around the world needing any of my contribution.

  • Jaki była najgłupsza rzecz, którą zgodziłeś/zgodziłaś się zrobić?

    Sharing a studio space with a wedding dress/floral shop. I would never do a business with anyone in the same space.

  • Czy istnieje życie po małżeństwie?

    Sure thing! Your lifetime companion and kids are enough to make a dramatic change in your life after marriage.

  • Masz ulubiony żart? Opowiedz go.

    My wife and my son give me all kinds of silly talk, and I always return with a joke. Too many to list.

  • Wolisz psy czy koty?

    We used to have a jack russell terrier and a mix dog for over 12 years. They both passed aways a few years ago, but they always stay remained in our hearts. We are planning to have one soon.

  • Kogo lub co nienawidzisz?

    Business partners with betrayal, lies and unacceptable manner. I can't tolerate those people, and can't deal with them anymore as it happens to be the worst time in my life.

  • W życiu najlepsze jest:

    When my son was born.

  • W życiu najbardziej irytuje mnie:

    Dealing with business partners and friends who betrayed me.

  • Czy jest wokół ciebie coś, co chcesz zmienić?

    I would like to redesign my website, restart blogging, and keep up everything in timely manner.

  • Co chcesz zmienić w sobie?

    I need to put something on when I am working at home.
    Seriously, I need to reshape my body.

  • Co chcesz zmienić w świecie?

    Get rid of terrorists and dictators, and provide aids to those who are in desperate life situation.

  • Czy możesz udzielić kilka wskazówek początkującym fotografom?

    Learn, practise and gain lots of experience to become a true artist, not a person with a good show-off camera. Most importantly, try to understand what this day means to the wedded couple and people at the wedding, and your role there.

  • Jeżeli na Ziemię przybędą kosmici, a ty będziesz pierwszą osobą, która ich spotka, co im powiesz?

    "Do you need a photographer to document your landing and presence? The session will be free, however, you need to sign a media release form." LOL

  • Jeśli poproszono by cię o nakręcenie filmu, jaki byłby to gatunek?

    I would like to photograph an epic love story, war and drama.

  • Jutro pójdę i...

    Tomorrow, I will go to a wedding and photograph the most amazing day of someone's life.