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Fotograaf Marius Godeanu


Laatst gezien 3 dagen geleden

Craiova, Roemenië 

8 jaar op MyWed
Ik spreek engels, roemeens Craiova, Roemenië 100 EUR Marius Godeanu +40 765 330 341


  • Ten eerste - wie beschouwt u als de beste fotograaf in Craiova, Roemenië? :)

    Well, it all depends on who you ask.
    What is the best car in the world ? Everyone just sees things differently and especially in photography which is an art in itself, where everything is subjective, ask 10 people this question and probably you will get 11 different answers ! :)

  • Bent u fotogeniek?

    Never :)

  • Hoe bent u beland in de fotografie-industrie?

    It was back in 2007 I think ... photography was already a hobby for me and as I already had a "decent" DSLR kit ( by those times' standards ) a friend of mine ( who was a videographer ) asked me to go with him and shoot some christenings. I was scared as hell thinking I have a huge responsibility but everything went well and then I moved to weddings, still shooting for him as I didn't have any portfolio. The next year I started going solo and ... 10 years later here we are.

  • Wat zijn volgens u de belangrijkste elementen van een goede foto?

    Besides the basic technical stuff – composition and message/feeling are by far the key elements of an attractive wedding photograph.

  • Houdt u van reizen?

    Sure, who doesn't ?
    Although I shot quite a few after wedding session abroad with just the bride and groom, I would love to be able to shoot a full destination wedding sometime.

  • Wat vindt u het leukst aan uw beroep?

    Happiness in the client's eyes when they look at their wedding photos for the first time.

  • Wat vindt u het minst leuk aan uw beroep?

    Hmm tough one...
    If I'd had to choose, it would probably the fact that I have to refuse some clients that reeeeealy want me as their wedding photographer, because I already booked their wedding date for someone else.

  • Wat ziet u de toekomst van fotografie?

    Probably not much would change – no matter how advanced the cameras will get. A strong and great wedding image from the 50s is still great today so I can only image – the things that bring value to an image will stay constant over time.

  • Wat is er bijzonder aan het fotografiegenre waarin u zich specialiseert?

    Wedding photography is different because it actually combines A LOT of other photography genres. A good wedding photographer has to be good at shooting landscapes, portraits, journalism, fashion, architecture, street photography and the list could go on... Probably that's why a great photographer in just any of these genres is not necessary a good wedding photographer.

  • Hoe gaat u om met kritiek?

    I embrace it – it's the only way we move up the ladder.

  • Zijn er bepaalde trends in fotografie?

    Sure – as in every other genre – not just photography, but as I said, the things that bring value to a wedding photography will never change regardless of the iso that photograph was taken on, or how many megapixels the camera used has :)

  • Welke criteria moet de klant hanteren bij het kiezen van een fotograaf?

    If there is one thing I always encourage newlyweds to do when looking for a wedding photographer is to pay very good attention to the portfolios and see which style would suit them and most importantly when meeting a wedding photographer – have him show a full wedding coverage and not get "fooled" by the best 2-3 photos everyone uploads online.

  • Wat is er totaal uit den boze bij het fotograferen?

    Photography is an art – no doubt about that and I find it unacceptable for a client to give the photographer exact and strict examples of they want their wedding images to look like, by bringing photos from other photographers around the world and setting stirct guidelines and boundaries regarding their own images. A photographer should be hired if you liked his own style, not to reproduce someone else's work.

  • Welke details die vaak onopgemerkt gaan, kan een fotograaf vastleggen?

    There is an infinite number of things that a wedding photographer could capture.

  • Wat beïnvloedt de waarde van een foto? Wat zijn de elementen ervan?

    Message, moment, feeling, composition.

  • Welke persoon kan volgens u symbool staan voor de 21e eeuw?

    I really can't think of anyone – and hey – the 21st century is only at he beginning :)

  • Wie wil u graag fotograferen?

    Absolutely anybody

  • Heeft u bepaalde taboes op professioneel vlak?

    Selective color.

  • Kan u tips geven voor beginnende fotografen?

    Never give up !