Katelyn and Robert

  • Lapor
22.06.2018 San Martin, Amerika Syarikat
Now it’s one thing to spend time with a couple at their engagement session, when they’re flying high with hope for the future. It’s another to follow them through their wedding day, seeing just who they are when nerves, schedules, and family converge. If Katelyn and Robert’s wedding day was any indication, these two are ready for anything.Katelyn’s the one with the smiling eyes, only outshone by her 8-cylinder smile. Robert’s the stoic fella who jokes more than he laughs, and who’s likely wrenching on an 8-cylinder engine right now. Though they met each other at central California’s Hume Lake, their professional life took them each to the Bay Area where their love grew into something sweet enough to make permanent.So when it came time for the big day, Katelyn and Robert ventured to the rolling hills and farmland of San Martin for a cozy wedding at the Fitz Place. It’s a charming venue set apart from the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley, even though it’s just a stone’s throw away. Here’s a glimpse at their wedding story…
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