Lina & Chris

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10.03.2021 Bandar Raya New York, Amerika Syarikat
Lina and Chris have my heart completely in their hands !!! I never imagined loving my clients so much and receiving so much appreciation and affection from them, their wedding was initially going to take place in Cartagena Colombia, the place where I live, but due to the pandemic they had to completely change their plans, They decided to have a very small wedding at home, with some friends, however the change of plans did not affect the happiness and emotion that was experienced this day many tears (including mine) many laughter and an afternoon in the incredible city of New York, covid could change plans but love will never change, Covid said no, but Lina and Chris said YES
  • Anda boleh membuang Suka anda hanya dalam tempoh 5 minit Anda telah mencapai had Suka anda Siri ini terlalu lama. Anda tidak boleh menanda suka padanya Anda tidak boleh Suka cerita anda sendiri Tetapkan nombor telefon anda supaya boleh menanda suka Anda tidak boleh Suka akan foto ini. Profil anda masih belum diluluskan lagi
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Robinson Rodgers (RobinsonRodgers) 1 bulan lepas

¡Excelente reportaje vale! Me alegra mucho lo que estas haciendo y logrando, ¡Enhorabuena!

Maksim Galіnskiy (Halinskyi) 1 bulan lepas

вауч, шикарна історія