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Jurufoto Diego Velasquez


Terakhir dilihat 1 hari lepas

Atlanta, Amerika Syarikat 

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https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/YEH05-qDf-LLwQsETKZV7GcNFB5a163_VqWBXHuPUso7hSWxbqhKJ-FoiBg7vwNO10Q064xP1Yp9xeQnXEPSTyoomq8AMdOLCxPOhA Atlanta, Amerika Syarikat 250 USD Diego Velasquez +34 603 15 17 54


  • Adakah anda seorang yang fotogenik?

    I hope I am.

  • Bagaimanakah anda mula menceburkan diri dalam industri fotografi?

    At university, during my attendance to arts career, I stumbled upon photography, and started to explore its several types, period during which I was able to carry out several photographic coverages, among those, a violinist performance. Not long after that, she recommended me to photograph her sister ́s wedding, and providing that service, I started to get involved in the wedding photography world.

  • Apakah komponen paling penting sekeping foto yang bagus menurut pendapat anda?

    Composition, lighting and creativity.

  • Adakah anda minat mengembara?

    Yes, I love to know places and cultures that are new to me.

  • Apakah yang paling anda sukai mengenai kerjaya anda?

    Being part of a new family at each wedding, being able to meet new people and to travel.

  • Apakah yang paling anda tidak suka mengenai kerjaya anda?

    Working on weekends, unfortunately you miss opportunities to share
    with your own family and friends, gatherings, birthdays, weddings, etc.

  • Apakah masa depan fotografi?

    I think that fast advance of technology, social networks and access to information, are a fundamental key for the future of photography.

  • Apakah yang istimewa dalam genre fotografi yang anda sedang mengkhusus?

    I am one of those people that believe that something definitely spiritual happens on a wedding day, with the union of a man and a woman, what is so special? that every couple is unique, with different personalities. Add to that the way a photography tells that story, and you will definitely have a very special result.

  • Bagaimanakah cara anda menangani kritikan?

    I am open to critics and suggestions, I personally believe that they help you to grow, as long as these are constructive.

  • Adakah wujud sebarang trend dalam fotografi?

    I think that wedding photography trends already exist, such as photo journalism, artistic type and those that are in constant evolution, as I mentioned before, due to technological advance and globalization.

  • Apakah sepatutnya menjadi kriteria untuk seorang pelanggan memilih jurufoto?

    -A good portfolio (not only one or four pictures, a full portfolio). -Responsibility (It is important to have a good feeling with the photographer, in general lines I recommend a pre-wedding session so you can familiarize with the way he works, so you know if he is
    punctual, responsible and creative). – Good feedback from its clients.

  • Apakah perkara yang patut dielakkan semasa penggambaran?

    Disrespect in any way the photographer or its team.

  • Apakah perincian yang selalunya terlepas tanpa disedari namun boleh disedari oleh seorang jurufoto?

    How light behaves and to use that to its criteria and definitely the moments.

  • Apakah yang boleh mempengaruhi nilai sekeping foto? Apakah elemen nilai itu?

    A good timing, take and composition creativity, with those elements you can touch people’s heart.

  • Siapakah yang mahu anda rakamkan dalam foto?

    Dave Grohl, frontman of Foo Fighter

  • Adakah anda ada sebarang tabu profesional?

    Actually no.

  • Siapakah orang yang anda mahu merakam foto bersamanya?

    Victor Lax

  • Apakah yang merisaukan anda, dan mengapa?

    I am worried about people with a lot of power that deceive and inject hate in people, there is nothing more dangerous that a mischievous person with power.

  • Apakah detik paling mengesankan dalam hidup anda?

    I do not want to sound religious, but I will sound like it anyways, definitely the day I met Jesus Christ, thanks to some friends.

  • Jika anda ialah karakter dalam kartun, buku atau filem, siapakah yang anda ingin jadi dan kenapa?

    Hahaha Goku, to defeat all bad guys.

  • Siapakah yang menjadi sumber inspirasi hidup anda dan mengapa?

    I have a lot of people that I admire, but the most important and relevant was one, that the simplest thing he did was to divide history in before and after Him, his name is Jesus Christ and his life has a lot of lessons.

  • Bagaimanakah anda mentakrifkan kejayaan? Bagaimanakah anda mengukurnya?

    I think that success is relative, maybe an achievement for me, might not be so relevant for another person, is to be able to say one day: I wish to do, to have or achieve said thing, for example a family, work in want you love, understand that happiness is not given by thing but is shared.

  • Mana satu yang lebih penting bagi anda, disukai atau dihormati?

    To feel respected.

  • Apakah kesilapan terbesar yang pernah anda lakukan ketika bekerja?

    Not understanding well the client.

  • Apabila anda pergi mengembara, apakah yang anda bawa bersama anda dan mengapa?

    I think one of the most effective tools nowadays when you are on a trip is the smartphone, since I have there my contacts, the GPS and good camera integrated, also my professional camera with one or two lenses in case I want a picture for myself.

  • Adakah sesuatu yang anda harap anda tidak pernah beli antara banyak gajet milik anda? Mengapa?

    Not so far. If I want to buy something, I investigate a lot and if a colleague has it, I ask for their opinion, to verify my purchase.

  • Bagaimanakah anda meningkatkan diri untuk merakam gambar yang lebih baik?

    I think that reading a lot, we live in an era where all information or a big part of it is on the internet, investing in knowledge and my favorite, sharing with colleagues.

  • Hasil kerja siapakah yang paling mempengaruhi anda sebagai jurufoto?

    Pedro Cabrera, Erika y Lanny Mann

  • Apakah satu perkara yang anda harap anda telah tahu ketika mula merakam foto?

    Not always the best photographs are taken with a USD $8.000 camera.

  • Apakah yang ingin anda sampaikan melalui foto anda?

    That I love my job.

  • Apakah yang memotivasikan anda untuk terus mengambil gambar?

    That tomorrow I will find a better image.

  • Bukankah ibu bapa anda pada satu tahap patut bertegas?

    My parents were strict with some things and with others not, and I think I worked out.

  • Jika anda boleh kembali ke masa lalu, apakah yang akan ada lakukan dengan cara berbeza?

    I would be more disciplined in everything, big entrepreneurs or artists always agree on discipline. As I was once taught, discipline can defeat the most talented artist.

  • Bagaimanakah kehidupan di planet lain?

    It is not something that takes my breath away but it would be very interesting.

  • Siapakah hero anda?

    Jesus Christ, for taking my place at the cross.
    My mother, for being the way she is with her children.
    Pastor Alejandro, Jacobo García and Jay Watkins
    Patricia Guinand, founder of Muchas Manos children’s home
    My brother Sebastian for being so brave to study medicine in another country.
    And many many more.

  • Siapakah orang yang anda tidak hormat kepadanya?

    I believe that everyone on this life deserves respect, but people can lose credibility, even respect, at this moment I feel no respect for the entire political system of my beautiful country Venezuela.

  • Apakah yang anda lakukan pada masa lapang?

    I share with my wife, I watch a good movie.

  • Apakah sisi diri anda yang tidak pernah diketahui umum?

    I think I always try to show my best side to people, but when I am upset is something difficult to cover.

  • Bilakah anda akan benar-benar berpuas hati dengan kerja anda?

    Not completely, I think there is still a lot to do.

  • Adakah anda percaya dengan peranan tradisi bagi lelaki dan perempuan?

    I think that there are roles for each one, for example I am not going to tell my wife to change the flat tire, but that doesn’t mean she can’t do it by herself.

  • Adakah anda mudah berkawan?

    I think that friends are not everything there is, but I do consider myself extrovert and social.

  • Di manakah anda suka untuk tinggal?

    In Venezuela with another government system.

  • Apakah perkara paling bodoh pernah anda bersetuju lakukan?

    To participate in a low budget short film with a bad script and a bad director.

  • Masih adakah kehidupan selepas perkahwinan?

    Definitely yes.

  • Adakah anda ada lawak kegemaran? Beritahu kami.

    No, I am bad for jokes.

  • Anda suka anjing atau kucing?

    I like dogs, I would never have cats.

  • Siapakah atau apakah yang anda tidak suka?

    I hate people that take advantage of others, with lies or by force, it ́s something that really bothers me.

  • Perkara terbaik dalam hidup ialah:

    My relation with God.

  • Perkara paling menjengkelkan dalam hidup ialah:

    Being upset with my wife.

  • Adakah sesuatu di sekitar anda yang anda ingin ubah?

    Things like people throwing garbage where it is intended, or people thinking that the government is going to give them everything.

  • Apakah yang anda mahu ubah pada diri sendiri?

    My love for junk food.

  • Apakah yang anda ingin ubah di dunia ini?

    Among many things that worry me a lot, is the damage that we are doing to planet earth and the global warming as its consequence.

  • Bolehkah anda berikan beberapa petua untuk jurufoto yang baru saja bermula?

    Yes, invest in knowledge, not only with money but with time and effort, the camera does not make the photographer, and to learn to respect people that have more years in the profession that us.

  • Jika makhluk asing datang ke Bumi dan anda ialah orang pertama yang mereka temui, apakah yang akan anda beritahu kepada mereka?


  • Jika anda dipanggil untuk penggambaran sebuah filem, apakah yang akan menjadi genrenya?

    A science fiction movie.

  • Esok saya akan pergi dan melakukan...

    Thank God I am on vacations and I am going to share with my family.